deegree PSC meeting, 2010-06-28, IRC #deegree

(20:54:34) Herman [d42d3f6d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(20:55:25) Herman: Hi, good evening
(20:55:36) JensFitzke: Hi all. Let's wait for Klaus.
(20:56:05) JensFitzke: I'll try to set up the agenda in the meantime ...
(20:56:15) JensFitzke: There's a leftover from Thursday:
(20:56:31) JensFitzke: (1297) Action Jens (DONE, see draft on
(20:57:15) JensFitzke: Thursday's last topic was 1470 (the URL stuff)
(20:57:42) JensFitzke: ... then (1474) Action Jens (TO BE DONE) and
(20:57:56) JensFitzke: (1494) Action Jens
(20:59:37) JensFitzke: (1494) Action Jens, is about the deegree day release. There's a draft Roadmap on
(21:00:25) kgreve [4fe0fc65@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(21:00:42) JensFitzke: ... then there are some items left over from the May meeting, as there are:
(21:00:54) JensFitzke: (1495) What is "stable" in a release? Other business Work items delegated to TMC (TMC Tracker Issues # 1305, 1306, 1307) TMC status report Nabble administration for deegree lists How to make more people aware of the existence and advantages of deegree? - How to involve more people in deegree development?
(21:01:32) JensFitzke: aah, Klaus arrived. We could take off. Welcome everybody!
(21:02:20) JensFitzke: We still have quite some topics on the agenda. The first one is the OSGeo annual report for deegree: (1297) Action Jens (DONE, see draft on
(21:02:38) JensFitzke: Any discussion?
(21:02:59) ampoth: no
(21:03:02) kgreve: no I think it is finished
(21:03:32) Herman: NO, just remove the "copied from... " headings.
(21:03:55) JensFitzke: @kgreve: sorry Klaus, I do not agree. My suggestion would be to ask the TMC for additions and then finalize it. Yes, Herman and change the headings...
(21:04:46) JensFitzke: While compiling it, I found it quite useful. It is really one of the advantages of OSGeo that you are "forced" to produce such a report. Honestly.
(21:05:36) Herman: Good idea to ask TMC for remarks/additions
(21:06:07) JensFitzke: I'd conclude that there is no further discussion currently and we could move on. I'll send a notification as soon as the report is in a final version.
(21:06:27) JensFitzke: Next item is (1474) Action Jens
(21:06:38) JensFitzke: ... which is still TBD, I am sorry.
(21:07:19) kgreve hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(21:07:42) Herman: Is there a dealine for this issue?
(21:07:52) JensFitzke: Obviously, there is no pressure on the issue...
(21:08:25) JensFitzke: ... but nevertheless we should write that open letter. OK for all of you to simply postpone it until I find the time to make a start?
(21:08:25) kgreve [4fe0fc65@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(21:08:46) JensFitzke: @kgreve: In the meantime we had: ...
(21:08:53) JensFitzke: (21:07:42) Herman: Is there a dealine for this issue?
(21:08:53) JensFitzke: (21:07:52) JensFitzke: Obviously, there is no pressure on the issue...
(21:08:53) JensFitzke: (21:08:25) JensFitzke: ... but nevertheless we should write that open letter. OK for all of you to simply postpone it until I find the time to make a start?
(21:08:58) kgreve: sorry looks like I had a network problem
(21:09:39) kgreve: o.k.
(21:10:11) JensFitzke: For me it is also fine if somebody else stood up to volunteer to make a start ...
(21:12:01) Herman: OK, interesting about this issue what the deegree community thinks about: What are the most important characteristics of deegree, functionality/standards/speed/...
(21:12:49) JensFitzke: @Herman: Do you think we should make a kind of inquiry on the mailing lists or on the wiki?
(21:13:00) kgreve: we could organize a survey as a bachelor thesis
(21:13:37) JensFitzke: @kgreve: That sounds a bit more like for the mid-term...
(21:13:54) JensFitzke: short-term, I guess, we need that open letter. We could not simply be quiet.
(21:14:29) JensFitzke: \me has to look after one of the children. Will be right back.
(21:14:29) kgreve: o.k.
(21:16:16) Herman: The letter to OSGeo can be short, just explaining why deegree does participate with the shootout.
(21:16:38) kgreve: right
(21:16:54) JensFitzke: back again. sorry.
(21:17:22) JensFitzke: @Herman: That should read: just explaining why deegree does NOT participate with the shootout, right?
(21:17:34) Herman: Yes, sorry
(21:17:46) kgreve: yes
(21:19:14) JensFitzke: So, we stick to our plan that there'll be an open letter. A short one. And I'll make a start as soon as possible.
(21:19:37) Herman: Main reason for not participating: Performance is just one aspect for judging a system, full support of standards is another, sometimes more important.
(21:21:27) JensFitzke: ... and then, when measuring performance, there is also the question of the use cases being tested ...
(21:21:59) Herman: Can we propose a better benchmark to OSGeo, as a result of a bachelor thesis?
(21:22:16) kgreve: yes, better a master thesis
(21:22:39) JensFitzke: @Herman, I think so. @kgreve, when do you think would that paper be available?
(21:22:58) kgreve: 9 month
(21:23:26) JensFitzke: Shall we announce that "study" in the letter?
(21:23:55) ampoth: I don't think so because I still in doubt if studies like are really usefull.
(21:24:42) kgreve: I thnik we wait for the study´s result
(21:24:49) kgreve: think
(21:24:51) JensFitzke: Agreed.
(21:25:34) JensFitzke: Any more discussion?
(21:25:42) ampoth: no
(21:25:45) Herman: no
(21:26:18) JensFitzke: OK. Next one is: (1494) Action Jens, is about the deegree day release. There's a draft Roadmap on
(21:28:43) Herman: I understand that deegreeday almost a complete set of services is available?
(21:29:02) Herman: deegreeday -> at deegreeday
(21:29:28) JensFitzke: ... where I understand that the services implementations are not complete, yet. (whatever "complete" may be...)
(21:30:04) kgreve: do we need completness?
(21:30:23) ampoth: I still it would be better to have just a few services, but these services has to implemented very well
(21:30:27) ampoth: @klaus: I think so
(21:30:37) JensFitzke: I imagine that the TMC expects us to either agree to the features included in the dd release or make suggestions for a change
(21:30:58) kgreve: right
(21:31:10) JensFitzke: @ampoth: Good point.
(21:31:53) JensFitzke: Do you think, we could manage to make a priority list of services to be included in the release? Now?
(21:32:05) ampoth: let's try ....
(21:32:17) kgreve: is´nt that a task for the TMC?
(21:32:24) JensFitzke: The current roadmap has: WMS WFS CSW WPS WCS SOS WPVS
(21:32:39) JensFitzke: @kgreve: I think priorities could be our task.
(21:32:55) JensFitzke: I could also think that the TMC expects us to set priorities...
(21:32:57) ampoth: @klaus: I aggree with Jens
(21:33:10) kgreve: o.k.
(21:33:18) Herman: ok
(21:33:38) JensFitzke: Let's look at the services...
(21:34:01) ampoth: In my opinion WCS and WPVS are not so important for a firt release. But CSW should have a Oracle backend too ....
(21:34:08) JensFitzke: As far as I know, WPS ans SOS are already at 95 percent. No discussion here IMHO.
(21:34:47) JensFitzke: @ampoth: Agreed.
(21:35:17) ampoth: @Jens: I think you are right. But configuration still is a lot of manual work creating/changing XML files
(21:36:58) ampoth: WFS: depending on development of INSPIRE and GDI-DE maybe WFS 2.0 will become important within the next few month (not listed at the roadmap yet)
(21:37:40) JensFitzke: @ampoth: That configuration issue could be a question for an amendment from our side to the TMC, regarding WPS and SOS.
(21:37:41) Herman: Wiki documentation, easy to install distributions and example applications are also important.
(21:38:03) JensFitzke: @ampoth: WFS 2.0, I guess it not realistic for dd
(21:38:41) ampoth: @Jens: OK, don't know what's the current state of develoment on this
(21:39:02) JensFitzke: Don't know either. That's a question to TMC then.
(21:39:32) JensFitzke: Everybody agrees to ask TMC to remove WCS and WPVS from the dd release?
(21:39:35) kgreve hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
(21:39:42) ampoth: yes
(21:39:55) Herman: ok
(21:40:31) kgreve [4fe0fc65@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(21:41:00) JensFitzke: @kgreve: Do you also agree to ask TMC to remove WCS and WPVS from the dd release?
(21:41:26) kgreve: yes - sorry my network is not stable
(21:42:19) JensFitzke: ... then we keep WPS and SOS and ask if there could be improvements regarding configuration, usability etc., right?
(21:42:36) kgreve: right
(21:42:41) ampoth: right
(21:42:58) JensFitzke: ... and we ask, if the CSW could be oracleized...
(21:43:06) kgreve: ok
(21:44:09) Herman: We, IDgis, could assist after summer holidays with wiki review and testing of installing the distributions
(21:44:35) JensFitzke: Any comments on WMS?
(21:45:30) ampoth: no
(21:45:44) kgreve: no
(21:46:04) Herman: no
(21:46:07) JensFitzke: BTW: WHEN DO WE HAVE TO FINISH?
(21:46:21) ampoth: 23°°
(21:46:23) kgreve: soon
(21:46:40) JensFitzke: @kgreve: More precisely?
(21:47:13) kgreve: I have to leave you within 5 min
(21:47:20) kgreve: sorry
(21:48:02) JensFitzke: Then I'd like to schedule one more meeting to finalize our list of open issues. How about Thursday?
(21:48:31) kgreve: me not
(21:49:21) kgreve: please proceed without me. I will comment offline later
(21:49:22) ampoth: how about wednesday?
(21:49:37) kgreve: o.k.
(21:49:42) Herman: me not, How about next Monday?
(21:50:07) JensFitzke: Next Monday, at 9 p.m.?
(21:50:09) ampoth: no, will be out of office till thursday next week
(21:50:38) JensFitzke: Wednesday at 6 p.m.?
(21:50:55) kgreve: o.k.
(21:51:38) JensFitzke: Sorry, Herman. No chance for Wednesday? Even earlier as usual?
(21:51:43) Herman: No, I am not available at all next wednesday
(21:52:20) JensFitzke: ... Friday, in the afternoon?
(21:52:31) ampoth: OK
(21:52:38) kgreve: o.k.
(21:53:21) Herman: On Friday I am only available later that evening. Perhaps once without me?
(21:53:46) JensFitzke: @Herman: Rather not without anybody. When can we start?
(21:53:49) kgreve: shall we set up a doodle?
(21:53:50) Herman: Perhaps once -> Perhaps once meet
(21:54:38) Herman: OK, let's setup a doodle request
(21:54:44) JensFitzke: @kgreve: this will lead to a meeting in early August. Sorry. Lets finalize that NOW.
(21:54:55) JensFitzke: @Herman: When to start Friday?
(21:55:10) Herman: @20.00 hr
(21:55:30) ampoth: sorry, but on friday I had to quit at 19°° ... seems to be difficult
(21:55:52) Herman: Or Friday from 16-17 hr
(21:56:05) ampoth: OK for me
(21:56:10) JensFitzke: @Herman: That's it!
(21:56:10) kgreve: perfect for me
(21:56:19) Herman: During the game of the Dutch team...
(21:56:38) Herman: OK, no problem
(21:56:45) JensFitzke: Uuuuh! Then "see" you all Friday, then. Oranje, Oranje!