deegree PSC meeting, 2010-07-02, IRC #deegree

(16:02:59) JensFitzke: Hi, let's wait for Klaus... perhaps in the meantime, you could take a look at my draft open letter to OSGeo, which I just sent to you by e-mail.
(16:05:32) kgreve: sorry for beeing late
(16:05:51) Herman: Hi everybody
(16:06:39) ampoth: Hi
(16:06:51) JensFitzke: Great, everybody's in. So we could start with a leftover from last meeting, which is ...
(16:07:03) JensFitzke: (1474) FOSS4G WMS shootout participation
(16:07:27) JensFitzke: Could you please just take a look at my e-mail which was just sent to you and comment on the draft letter?
(16:09:25) kgreve: I agree
(16:09:55) Herman: How about offering to make a proposal for a better benchmark?
(16:09:56) ampoth: I think it sounds good
(16:10:37) JensFitzke: @Herman: I thought this would be part of the follow-up discussion...
(16:10:57) JensFitzke: ... but of course we could also make a start. But who would?
(16:11:41) ampoth: I think this requires a lot of work ...
(16:11:46) Herman: Is there still the idea of making a thesis?
(16:11:47) kgreve: i think for the beginning it is o.k. to say, we are not in the test
(16:12:33) JensFitzke: @Herman: Do you agree that for a start (of the discussion) the letter is sufficient?
(16:12:39) Herman: OK
(16:13:42) JensFitzke: Fine. I'll send that letter to the OSGeo discussion list then.
(16:14:09) JensFitzke: The next topic (disregarding what I've announced in my e-mail) is ...
(16:14:18) JensFitzke: (1526) Tagged deegree 3 builds / Pre-releases
(16:14:43) JensFitzke: ... reason for considering this first is, that I have the impression that it is quite urgent ...
(16:15:18) JensFitzke: 1526 corresponds to an e-mail of Markus as of 2010-06-15. It is completely reflected in the tracker item.
(16:15:48) ampoth: I can not say something about tagging ....
(16:16:17) ampoth: but I would be careful for nameing something 'release' even if its a prerelease
(16:16:23) JensFitzke: As far as I understand it, we shall have intermediate builds which have a defined number. Which would help in a lot of cases.
(16:16:42) JensFitzke: Regarding "release": I think these could be named "tagged builds".
(16:16:55) ampoth: @this would be OK for me
(16:17:17) JensFitzke: If we'd agree to these, the TMC is nevertheless asking for a first official "release". Do I get that right?
(16:17:18) kgreve: o.k. for me too
(16:17:19) Herman: What is related to these tagged releases? Does it include some form of version planning/management?
(16:18:12) JensFitzke: I have to look in Markus' mail...
(16:18:56) JensFitzke: Here it is: "should generally be produced every four weeks (or on demand if the need arises)"
(16:19:07) ampoth: @Jens, as I undrstood our former discussion we aggreed to have a first release at deegree day in november
(16:19:24) JensFitzke: @ampoth: right you are
(16:20:14) Herman: Ok, so making tagged releases is only ment as technical measure to ease source management
(16:20:49) ampoth: @Herman If understand the idea corretly, tagging sould be used to identify deegree 3 installations that will be made before/between official releases
(16:20:55) JensFitzke: As far as I understood from recent discussions there shall also be assignments of features to these regular builds
(16:21:29) JensFitzke: ... so it is not only technical. There is a management aspect included as well.
(16:21:47) JensFitzke: But I have the impression that we all agree to the proposal.
(16:22:02) JensFitzke: ... and that we already decided about the first release (deegree day)
(16:22:26) ampoth: I agree to this
(16:22:33) Herman: Yes, I agree to the proposal.
(16:22:58) kgreve: yes sure - I think it´s necessary
(16:23:08) JensFitzke: For the next agenda item, (1495) What is "stable" in a release? ... I have to look into the May meeting notes. Do not remember what it was about... Do you?
(16:24:25) ampoth: It was something about definition of stable: just API or also other criterias like functionality ....
(16:25:02) Herman: I remember it is because of an e-mail of me, asking when a stable release will be available (for a potential customer project)
(16:25:11) JensFitzke: hmmm, can we assume that this discussion is obsolete or already accomplished by our recent deegree day release discussion?
(16:25:19) kgreve: right
(16:25:25) ampoth: no
(16:26:27) ampoth: because we just say we want have a release at deegree day but be did not define criterias components to be included
(16:26:36) Herman: It is still relevant to know what is considered as being stable, functionality, configuration, API, etc
(16:28:08) JensFitzke: @ampoth: But we discussed the list of components to be included in the dd release ... (OK, we did not discuss any other "criteria")
(16:29:20) ampoth: @Jens, yes we discussed the list, but e.g. for a developer API stability is important form marketing point of view it is isn't; for this we need a stable confguration ....
(16:30:12) JensFitzke: This means that we'd like to have that dd release configuration-stable, right?
(16:30:20) Herman: Yes
(16:30:31) ampoth: yes
(16:30:59) JensFitzke: As far as I remember, it won't be API-stable. Markus told me.
(16:31:26) ampoth: I think can accept this
(16:31:53) kgreve: o.k.
(16:33:35) JensFitzke: Herman?
(16:33:49) Herman: ok
(16:34:40) JensFitzke: Any other discussion on this issue?
(16:34:51) ampoth: no, not at the moment
(16:35:09) kgreve: no
(16:35:27) JensFitzke: ... then we have some "Other business" items, as there are...
(16:35:34) JensFitzke: Work items delegated to TMC (TMC Tracker Issues # 1305, 1306, 1307)
(16:35:44) JensFitzke: (have to look into the tracker for these...)
(16:36:53) JensFitzke: 1306 and 1307 are resolved and closed.
(16:37:06) JensFitzke: 1305 is still open. I'll ask the TMC about the status.
(16:37:15) JensFitzke: Any other discussion here?
(16:37:35) kgreve: not from my side
(16:37:47) ampoth: no
(16:38:06) Herman: no
(16:38:15) JensFitzke: Then I have to ask for the "TMC status report" as well. As far as I know, this does not exist, yet. We'd also like something regular, I guess.
(16:39:13) Herman: Can then TMC report on the items in the roadmap on a regular basis?
(16:39:23) Herman: then -> the
(16:39:49) JensFitzke: I'll ask for this.
(16:40:08) Herman: ok
(16:40:26) JensFitzke: Next other business item is: Nabble administration for deegree lists ...
(16:40:39) JensFitzke: ... which is related to ... wait ...
(16:42:12) JensFitzke: ... sorry, I can't find Judit's mail about it. It was saying that she has the nabble admin privileges for deegree now. And I wanted to announce that to you.
(16:43:28) JensFitzke: Well, that's basically it. You know now that we could do some administration there. Let me know, if you have the feeling that we should do something.
(16:44:10) JensFitzke: Then I think Herman brought up something about deegree at Wikipedia, didn't you?
(16:45:09) Herman: Yes, I suggested to to care that deegree is included on a wikipedia page listing gis systems
(16:45:35) JensFitzke: This one:
(16:45:59) Herman: yes
(16:46:29) JensFitzke: Would you like to do this?
(16:46:43) Herman: OK
(16:47:00) JensFitzke: Cool. Please let us know about any progress.
(16:47:23) JensFitzke: Our last item on the agenda for today is: How to make more people aware of the existence and advantages of deegree?
(16:47:29) Herman: ...well, not really LIKE to do it, but OK
(16:48:24) JensFitzke: The awareness issue was Herman's question as well.
(16:48:52) JensFitzke: For today we could at least try to make a start...
(16:49:05) JensFitzke: ... kind of a deegree outreach campaign...
(16:49:55) JensFitzke: we could assign this to a brand-new sub-committee ... (just kiddin')
(16:51:31) JensFitzke: (more serious:) how about collecting outreach activities on a dedicated wiki page?
(16:52:05) kgreve: good idea
(16:52:34) Herman: Good idea, there many aspects to this subject, let's first start collecting ideas
(16:53:05) JensFitzke: Here's one: Participation of deegree community members at events like conferences, workshops, trade fairs
(16:53:23) JensFitzke: Papers about deegree (there is already a page...)
(16:53:41) JensFitzke: And we should have "success stories"
(16:54:02) Herman: Another one: easy getting started guide
(16:54:10) JensFitzke: We should also list or reference existing marketing material like posters, flyers etc.
(16:55:04) JensFitzke: @Herman: We're currently working on a first version of a deegree desktop tutorial. Looks promising already. Will be presented at AGIT next week.
(16:55:06) Herman: More articles on deegree in GIS magazines
(16:55:11) kgreve: sounds like something that needs an editor
(16:55:22) JensFitzke: @kgreve: The wiki page?
(16:55:53) kgreve: yes, it it is not only an internal collection
(16:56:25) JensFitzke: I'd volunteer to make a start on that page
(16:56:48) JensFitzke: ... but are there any other ideas what to include?
(16:56:54) Herman: @Jens: thanks for your offer
(16:58:12) Herman: After collecting ideas, we should consider on which items we should start working on
(16:58:37) JensFitzke: @Herman: Now or as soon as the collection on the page is available?
(16:59:01) Herman: as soon as the collection page is filled to some extent
(16:59:45) JensFitzke: OK. We could close this issue for now and re-open within our next meeting.
(16:59:57) JensFitzke: Is there any other "other business"?
(17:00:07) Herman: no
(17:00:15) kgreve: no
(17:00:23) ampoth: no
(17:00:42) Herman: ned-bra 0-1
(17:00:57) JensFitzke: Great. So we're done for today. Thank you all!
(17:01:06) kgreve: thank you,
(17:01:13) JensFitzke: Bye (oranje, oranje)
(17:01:16) ampoth: @herman you still have 45 minutes
(17:01:35) kgreve: bye
(17:01:39) ampoth: bye
(17:01:41) Herman: Yes, still a lot of change...
(17:01:44) Herman: Bye