(01:53:16 PM) The topic for #deegree is: Welcome to deegree, an OSGeo project. Visit the main project page at http://deegree.org and our wiki at http://wiki.deegree.org with lots of extra info. Check out a running system at http://demo.deegree.org and follow us on twitter @deegree_org.
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(02:30:03 PM) jwilden: Hi Markus
(02:30:20 PM) markusschneider: Hi everybody
(02:30:28 PM) ndrs: Hi all
(02:30:39 PM) copierrj: hi
(02:30:46 PM) markusschneider: Meeting page here: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20120320
(02:30:58 PM) markusschneider: Not very exciting though ;-)
(02:31:03 PM) markusschneider: Shall we start?
(02:31:19 PM) copierrj: ol
(02:31:21 PM) copierrj: ok
(02:31:23 PM) jwilden: Yes please
(02:31:38 PM) markusschneider: Welcome everybody.
(02:31:53 PM) markusschneider: Anything special for the agenda?
(02:32:11 PM) jwilden: No, no big changes since last time.
(02:32:19 PM) markusschneider: Cf http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20120306
(02:32:35 PM) markusschneider: I believe this may be very quick today ;-)
(02:32:56 PM) ndrs: If Torsten is now nominated by the PSC to join us, need we decide on acceptance or something?
(02:32:56 PM) jwilden: That would be nice. Got a lot of work waiting ;)
(02:33:27 PM) markusschneider: I believe the TMC members are nominated by the PSC and the PSC alone...
(02:33:37 PM) ndrs: ok
(02:33:44 PM) markusschneider: So no action from our side required.
(02:33:55 PM) jwilden: Okay.
(02:34:03 PM) markusschneider: Do we have *any* updates on the action items from last time?
(02:34:27 PM) jwilden: Not from my side. Still everything postponed until next month
(02:34:38 PM) ndrs: same from here
(02:34:46 PM) markusschneider: I also didn't get to do any progress...
(02:35:20 PM) markusschneider: In order to get things rolling again...
(02:36:01 PM) markusschneider: I believe it may be a good idea to decide which action items are due to next meeting...
(02:37:05 PM) jwilden: I can give you feedback concerning my tasks on the next meeting.
(02:37:21 PM) markusschneider: I guess I should be able to come up with an updated list of Maven modules (including POM updates).
(02:37:38 PM) markusschneider: But not much else.
(02:37:52 PM) jwilden: That would be nice :)
(02:37:55 PM) ndrs: I'm willing to provide the deegree3 build on Jenkins with OpenJDK/Oracle JDK 7
(02:38:04 PM) markusschneider: Great.
(02:38:18 PM) ndrs: probably everybody forgot about that action item, but I'm an honest soul ;-)
(02:38:18 PM) markusschneider: Do you mean on the deegree build server?
(02:38:37 PM) jwilden: Hehe...
(02:38:48 PM) markusschneider: ;-)
(02:38:48 PM) ndrs: I think it may be easier on our Jenkins (the Hudson has no proper support wrt Java7 IIRC)
(02:39:02 PM) ndrs: they'll not be official builds anyway
(02:39:38 PM) ndrs: and the hudson seems at its limits nowadays
(02:39:50 PM) markusschneider: Ok then. Maybe we can additionally manage to point Jeronimo to his administrative tasks...
(02:40:03 PM) markusschneider: 1. deegree3 - tracker: guest login does not allow notifications
(02:40:13 PM) markusschneider: 2. Install sphinx stuff
(02:40:27 PM) markusschneider: From my side, that would be it...
(02:40:36 PM) markusschneider: Anything on your minds?
(02:40:37 PM) jwilden: I got nothing to add.
(02:40:45 PM) ndrs: yep. Nexus vs. artifactory is for another time I guess
(02:41:05 PM) markusschneider: Reijer?
(02:41:19 PM) copierrj: I've nothing to add
(02:41:36 PM) markusschneider: Good. See you tomorrow then, right?
(02:41:44 PM) ndrs: looks like it
(02:41:48 PM) copierrj: sure
(02:41:59 PM) jwilden: Yes. :)
(02:42:05 PM) markusschneider: bye then
(02:42:07 PM) ndrs: bye then
(02:42:09 PM) markusschneider: and thanks
(02:42:14 PM) copierrj: cu
(02:42:21 PM) jwilden: Thank you all. Bye.