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(02:59:15 PM) tfriebe: Hi there!
(02:59:22 PM) copierrj: hi
(02:59:23 PM) jwilden: Hello
(03:00:16 PM) ndrs: hi!
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(03:00:43 PM) ndrs: Markus needs to fiddle with his software for a second before he can join us...
(03:00:53 PM) markusch: Hi everybody
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(03:01:53 PM) markusschneider: Meeting page: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20120612
(03:02:01 PM) markusschneider: Shall we start?
(03:02:06 PM) copierrj: ok
(03:02:12 PM) markusschneider: Anything else for the agenda
(03:02:27 PM) markusschneider: ?
(03:02:59 PM) markusschneider: Ok, so I suggest to start with the list of open issues as usual.
(03:03:16 PM) markusschneider: #6321
(03:03:43 PM) copierrj: still being discussed by the psc?
(03:03:53 PM) markusschneider: Torsten: Any updates on this one, maybe?
(03:04:46 PM) tfriebe: Hold on checking
(03:06:08 PM) tfriebe: #6321 and #6322 are still in progress.
(03:06:32 PM) markusschneider: Ok, thank you.
(03:06:41 PM) markusschneider: #6320.
(03:07:12 PM) markusschneider: Can we make an issue for Jeronimo?
(03:07:40 PM) markusschneider: BTW, artifactory is still having issues...
(03:07:58 PM) markusschneider: So this should be solved rather soon.
(03:08:41 PM) tfriebe: Please keep in mind taht changes to the environment need approval by PSC
(03:09:33 PM) markusschneider: You believe this applies for the software running the artefact server at lat/lon?
(03:09:55 PM) ndrs: maybe the PSC should be reminded then? The issue is pretty old...
(03:10:09 PM) markusschneider: Please have a look at the TMC ticket...
(03:10:24 PM) markusschneider: I send out a note that this is urgent after last meeting.
(03:11:03 PM) markusschneider: Ok. So, we have to wait, I guess.
(03:11:34 PM) markusschneider: Any update on #6294?
(03:11:57 PM) jwilden: yES
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(03:12:23 PM) jwilden: We installed a server for vms at lat/lon
(03:12:43 PM) jwilden: I am tryiing right now to create jobs to build deeegree
(03:12:56 PM) jwilden: with different jdks (openjdk, oracle)
(03:13:10 PM) jwilden: and a job which runs tests with every commit
(03:13:32 PM) ndrs: BTW, we also have builds for the different JDKs: https://jenkins.occamlabs.de/
(03:13:44 PM) ndrs: we can provide access for people who want it
(03:13:52 PM) jwilden: Oh thats nice
(03:14:29 PM) jwilden: I will publish some documentation as soon as i am finished
(03:14:44 PM) ndrs: but what does this have to do with releases?
(03:15:29 PM) ndrs: we still need to check the online demo updates
(03:15:44 PM) jwilden: Yes thats the next job to do
(03:15:51 PM) ndrs: ok
(03:16:02 PM) jwilden: Update the demos an figure out an automated process to deploy the demos
(03:16:03 PM) markusschneider: Thanks.
(03:16:13 PM) jwilden: But this can be done with hudson
(03:16:27 PM) markusschneider: This sounds reasonable.
(03:16:29 PM) jwilden: So there is a concept
(03:16:52 PM) jwilden: and i am already trying to implement it
(03:16:52 PM) markusschneider: Thank you, Johannes.
(03:16:59 PM) jwilden: :)
(03:17:25 PM) markusschneider: Or is there even more?
(03:17:44 PM) markusschneider: 6297 then
(03:18:13 PM) markusschneider: Blocked by #6298.
(03:19:13 PM) markusschneider: For 6298, we did some tests on the maven site to have the module list generated automatically.
(03:19:37 PM) markusschneider: We had some success, but it needs quite some memory.
(03:19:56 PM) markusschneider: I was able to build it with 4GB.
(03:20:05 PM) markusschneider: Can our build server handle this?
(03:20:53 PM) markusschneider: I will finish this until next time. Then we can see on which machine to run it.
(03:21:04 PM) jwilden: Ok
(03:21:18 PM) markusschneider: #1275
(03:21:43 PM) ndrs: blocked by #6321
(03:22:10 PM) markusschneider: we had #6322 already.
(03:22:29 PM) markusschneider: #6253?
(03:23:38 PM) markusschneider: Johannes? Probably same as #6294?
(03:24:44 PM) jwilden: Sec
(03:25:00 PM) jwilden: SYes
(03:25:05 PM) jwilden: *Yes
(03:25:17 PM) jwilden: I think this is a duplicate and can be closed
(03:25:53 PM) jwilden: Or better: became a duplicate
(03:26:04 PM) markusschneider: If you like, add it to #6294 and close #6322.
(03:26:10 PM) jwilden: I will
(03:26:47 PM) markusschneider: Last item: Webservice documentation / build job
(03:27:36 PM) markusschneider: I would suggest to have a defined location for the latest (pre-) release and the latest snapshot.
(03:28:11 PM) ndrs: yes, and later also for the last stable release (eg. 3.2.x)
(03:28:30 PM) markusschneider: I would like to run the build job, but I believe this will overwrite the current version on the web server.
(03:29:18 PM) markusschneider: Currently, the documentation is at: http://download.deegree.org/documentation/html/
(03:30:04 PM) copierrj: cool
(03:30:44 PM) ndrs: I propose to have directories like /stable/, /latest-pre/ and /latest-snapshot/
(03:31:03 PM) jwilden: +1
(03:31:08 PM) markusschneider: +1
(03:31:26 PM) copierrj: +1
(03:32:03 PM) tfriebe: ok
(03:32:59 PM) markusschneider: I suggest to add a ticket to change the build job (I can do that). But we need to change the website as well.
(03:33:21 PM) ndrs: should be done simultaneously, obviously
(03:34:10 PM) markusschneider: I take that as a confirmation ;--
(03:34:12 PM) markusschneider: ;-)
(03:35:02 PM) markusschneider: Anything else?
(03:35:25 PM) copierrj: accounts on http://tracker.deegree.org/deegree-services
(03:35:30 PM) copierrj: I don't have one....
(03:35:45 PM) ndrs: good point, we really should allow for proper registration
(03:36:02 PM) ndrs: but probably this is a moot issue once moving to JIRA is decided
(03:36:41 PM) copierrj: sure, but I recently discovered some issues I would like to report in the mean time
(03:36:51 PM) markusschneider: Can Jeronimo just add an account?
(03:37:23 PM) markusschneider: Reijer, can you send an email to him?
(03:37:49 PM) markusschneider: I will do it.
(03:37:56 PM) copierrj: thanks
(03:38:27 PM) markusschneider: Are we done?
(03:38:41 PM) jwilden: I think so
(03:38:49 PM) copierrj: me2
(03:38:56 PM) markusschneider: Good. See you in two weeks then! Thanks, everybody.
(03:39:05 PM) ndrs: ok, bye
(03:39:09 PM) copierrj: cu
(03:39:23 PM) jwilden: Have fun in bolsena
(03:39:25 PM) jwilden: And bye :)
(03:39:30 PM) markusschneider: thanks :-)