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(14:41:06) markusschneider: welcome to our special meeting: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20121106
(14:41:45) markusschneider: last time, we decided to focus on the deegree community space actions only.
(14:42:03) markusschneider: or is there something else which you consider urgent?
(14:42:19) jwilden: I don't
(14:42:26) copierrj: no
(14:42:42) tfriebe: no
(14:42:48) markusschneider: ok, shall we start with the tmc discussion topics then?
(14:43:13) markusschneider: psc suggested to split the discussions up between members
(14:43:15) ndrs1: I can do the infrastructure discussion
(14:43:37) markusschneider: 1. TMC: deegree web services handbook (Discussion)
(14:43:42) markusschneider: 2. TMC: deegree project infrastructure (Discussion)
(14:43:47) markusschneider: 3. TMC: deegree stability guidelines for configuration and API (Discussion)
(14:43:53) markusschneider: 4. TMC: deegree roadmap/actions for the 3.2 release (Discussion)
(14:44:02) markusschneider: any preferences?
(14:44:17) ndrs1: yes, I'll do 2.
(14:44:32) markusschneider: fine.
(14:44:59) markusschneider: i guess i should pick the 1. one
(14:45:53) ndrs1: please remember that the PSC would like to have the topics distributed between members...
(14:46:32) markusschneider: mmmh
(14:46:39) jwilden: As it is not 100% clear that I can attend the whole day at the community space, i'd rather pick none :/
(14:46:56) copierrj: any idea what the PSC means by 'defending the topic'?
(14:46:58) markusschneider: understood
(14:47:43) jwilden: No, not really @ copierrj
(14:47:52) copierrj: I can present a topic, but it is somewhat difficult to 'defend' anything without having a (strong) opinion on the topic
(14:48:26) ndrs1: I think maybe you don't need to actually defend the topic, maybe it would be alright to just lead the discussion
(14:48:38) markusschneider: thats what i am thinking as well
(14:48:53) ndrs1: we're not in a war, we're a community ;-)
(14:49:13) markusschneider: and the other tmc members will be there to present their position as well
(14:49:26) markusschneider: i mean, it's just about discussing...
(14:49:27) copierrj: Well, I could do 3
(14:49:37) markusschneider: ok, then
(14:49:56) markusschneider: torsten, would you do number 4?
(14:51:56) jwilden: I think I can share number 4 with torsten, one of us will be attending?! torsten?
(14:52:31) tfriebe: Yes we can do it like this. I will be happy to present the roadmap
(14:52:41) markusschneider: great
(14:52:47) jwilden: Nice
(14:53:23) markusschneider: btw, i guess a few slides will do to introduce the topic. or what do you think?
(14:53:54) ndrs1: yes, I think of preparing a few slides to go over the topic, then discuss
(14:54:03) copierrj: from what I understand, every subject is supposed to be introduced in about 10 min.
(14:54:15) markusschneider: where did you get that from?
(14:54:51) copierrj: Herman told me
(14:55:24) copierrj: maybe it was just a suggestion
(14:55:29) markusschneider: i guess.
(14:55:44) markusschneider: good. anything else we should prepare?
(14:56:10) tfriebe: have a look on http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/PscMeeting/PscMeeting20121029
(14:56:56) markusschneider: that would be "Invite even more contributions (All)"
(14:57:05) markusschneider: or what are you referring to?
(14:57:14) tfriebe: there is the timebox 30 min per slot but not for the intro
(14:57:26) markusschneider: ah, okay
(14:57:42) markusschneider: maybe we should copy this information to the "community space page" then
(14:58:02) jwilden: Yes, that should be done
(14:58:05) markusschneider: and add the timeframe?
(14:58:31) ndrs1: seems reasonable
(14:59:11) markusschneider: from my point of view, we're done.
(14:59:17) ndrs1: agreed
(14:59:37) tfriebe: ok
(14:59:49) markusschneider: well, do we need another meeting (before community space)?
(15:00:07) markusschneider: personally, i don't think that this is necessary
(15:00:13) jwilden: Me neither
(15:00:17) copierrj: maybe f2f sometime before 10h on the day?
(15:00:31) markusschneider: yes, good idea
(15:00:58) ndrs1: I guess I'll be there around 9ish
(15:01:24) markusschneider: fine
(15:01:27) copierrj: we'll travel to Bonn on Monday, so we'll probably be there on time too
(15:01:38) markusschneider: great
(15:02:06) tfriebe: good
(15:02:09) markusschneider: i guess we meet on the 13th then. or the evening before
(15:02:18) markusschneider: bye
(15:02:22) copierrj: cu
(15:02:24) ndrs1: ok, bye
(15:02:28) jwilden: See you next week
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