Unterhaltung mit #deegree

(14:24:17) Das Thema für #deegree ist: Welcome to deegree, an OSGeo project. Visit the main project page at http://deegree.org and our wiki at http://wiki.deegree.org with lots of extra info. Check out a running system at http://demo.deegree.org and follow us on twitter @deegree_org.
(14:34:25) markusschneider: Hi everybody.
(14:34:31) copierrj: hi
(14:34:58) markusschneider: neither torsten, nor johannes are online in skype, so i guess we are complete
(14:35:05) ndrs: hi
(14:35:08) markusschneider: shall we still do the meeting?
(14:35:34) ndrs: sure
(14:35:40) copierrj: yes
(14:35:43) markusschneider: good
(14:35:59) markusschneider: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20130905
(14:36:10) markusschneider: anything to be added?
(14:36:26) copierrj: no
(14:36:37) ndrs: no
(14:36:46) markusschneider: fine. first item:
(14:36:51) markusschneider: Pull requests QA: Guidelines for assessing contributions
(14:37:05) markusschneider: initiated by torsten, but he's not here
(14:37:10) markusschneider: i suggest to postpone it
(14:37:15) copierrj: agreed
(14:37:24) ndrs: yep
(14:37:28) markusschneider: fine
(14:37:36) markusschneider: next:  deegree3 pulls (3.3.4)
(14:37:46) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/157
(14:37:52) markusschneider: I got an issue with this
(14:38:06) markusschneider: it only targets 3.3
(14:38:29) markusschneider: i believe we should make sure that there is a corresponding 3.4 pull as well
(14:38:35) ndrs: it also includes changes to the pom.xml which we do not want
(14:38:56) ndrs: eg. lat-lon specific urls
(14:39:01) markusschneider: ok. can you comment on that?
(14:39:06) copierrj: indeed, it needs to be cleaned up first
(14:39:07) ndrs: me?
(14:39:12) ndrs: ok
(14:39:15) markusschneider: i will comment that we need a 3.4 pull as well
(14:39:37) ndrs: done
(14:39:41) markusschneider: thx
(14:39:43) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/159
(14:39:56) ndrs: +1
(14:39:59) markusschneider: +1
(14:40:05) copierrj: +1
(14:40:14) ndrs: merged.
(14:40:21) ndrs: I'll delete the branch, ok?
(14:40:27) markusschneider: yes, please
(14:40:32) ndrs: ok
(14:40:36) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/161
(14:41:02) ndrs: +1
(14:41:03) markusschneider: +1
(14:41:06) copierrj: +1
(14:41:11) ndrs: merged.
(14:41:16) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/158
(14:41:25) ndrs: +1
(14:41:25) markusschneider: +1
(14:41:30) copierrj: +1
(14:41:34) ndrs: merged.
(14:41:38) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/160
(14:41:40) markusschneider: +1
(14:41:43) copierrj: +!
(14:41:47) copierrj: +!
(14:41:47) ndrs: +1
(14:41:48) copierrj: +1
(14:41:52) ndrs: merged.
(14:41:54) markusschneider: thx
(14:41:59) markusschneider: next item:
(14:42:03) markusschneider: Web Site Team enablement
(14:42:14) markusschneider: any ideas how to finally get this rolling?
(14:42:28) ndrs: you still don't have access?
(14:42:32) markusschneider: Due to the PSCs "help", we still have not been able to announce the FOSS4G events on our home page...
(14:42:45) ndrs: ...
(14:42:53) markusschneider: well, I do have a drupal login.
(14:43:20) markusschneider: but as we discussed, we need more rights in order to enable the blog
(14:43:22) markusschneider: for example
(14:43:49) ndrs: I see. Well, I guess apart from asking again you don't have options left...
(14:44:21) markusschneider: ok. i will send another message. should this be public or just tmc and psc?
(14:44:56) copierrj: only tmc and psc imho
(14:45:01) markusschneider: fine
(14:45:12) ndrs: yep
(14:45:19) markusschneider: maybe i will also ask them to announce the foss4g events themselves
(14:45:30) markusschneider: as they are blocking the website team to do it
(14:45:30) copierrj: good idea
(14:45:40) ndrs: yes, you can give them the option
(14:45:50) markusschneider: good
(14:45:54) markusschneider: that's it?
(14:46:03) ndrs: I guess so
(14:46:06) markusschneider: see you in three weeks probably
(14:46:11) markusschneider: (foss4g)
(14:46:17) copierrj: I won't be there
(14:46:35) markusschneider: i meant the next tmc meeting will probably be in three weeks
(14:46:38) markusschneider: rather than two
(14:46:45) copierrj: oh ok
(14:47:08) markusschneider: see you
(14:47:09) ndrs: ok, see you then
(14:47:12) ndrs: bye
(14:47:13) copierrj: cu