Unterhaltung mit #deegree

(14:13:11) Das Thema für #deegree ist: Welcome to deegree, an OSGeo project. Visit the main project page at http://deegree.org and our wiki at http://wiki.deegree.org with lots of extra info. Check out a running system at http://demo.deegree.org and follow us on twitter @deegree_org.
(14:13:37) StephanR [~StephanR@ip-5-146-117-85.unitymediagroup.de] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:20:43) copierrj [~chatzilla@] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:31:35) markusschneider: hi everybody!
(14:31:47) markusschneider: are we ready for the meeting?
(14:31:49) copierrj: hi
(14:31:52) copierrj: i'am
(14:31:57) StephanR: hi
(14:32:28) copierrj: anybody seen torsten?
(14:32:31) markusschneider: i didn't receive any notification from torsten, so i suggest to start
(14:32:43) markusschneider: agenda: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20140425
(14:32:49) markusschneider: anything missing?
(14:33:08) copierrj: (i'm trying to contact torsten on skype)
(14:33:13) markusschneider: ok
(14:33:42) copierrj: my question of yesterday (regarding mail to deegree-devel)
(14:34:05) tfr42 [574f5926@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:34:11) tfr42: Hi
(14:34:13) copierrj: hi
(14:34:14) markusschneider: ok, i'll add that
(14:34:17) StephanR: hi
(14:34:22) markusschneider: torsten, you're late...
(14:34:33) markusschneider: but welcome
(14:34:45) markusschneider: shall we continue? torsten, anything missing from the agenda:
(14:34:49) markusschneider: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20140425
(14:35:25) tfr42: go
(14:35:37) markusschneider: concerning Travis CI integration
(14:35:55) markusschneider: - It's currently working for 3.4. Not for 3.3.
(14:36:13) markusschneider: I didn't manage to figure out, why it doesn't work for 3.3
(14:36:36) markusschneider: Overview of pull request builds: https://travis-ci.org/deegree/deegree3/pull_requests
(14:37:05) markusschneider: Also, it's running quite slow and dirty.
(14:37:31) markusschneider: It's dirty, because I didn't manage to remove all dependencies on Internet services yetr
(14:37:57) markusschneider: The good news, however: It seems to work! And it does give us confidence whether CITE compliance breaks!
(14:38:17) markusschneider: That's it from my part.
(14:38:21) copierrj: does it always fail on CITE issues?
(14:38:22) markusschneider: Any questions?
(14:38:24) markusschneider: yes
(14:38:32) copierrj: great!
(14:38:49) copierrj: good job!
(14:38:53) markusschneider: thx
(14:39:09) markusschneider: anything else?
(14:39:19) markusschneider: or shall we start with our massive pull request list?
(14:39:21) copierrj: do you have any idea at all why 3.3 isn't working
(14:39:51) markusschneider: not really. today, i thought it may be related to permgen.
(14:40:05) markusschneider: the problem is:
(14:40:18) markusschneider: https://travis-ci.org/deegree/deegree3/jobs/23746453
(14:40:29) markusschneider: our log is so long, that travis truncates it...
(14:40:39) markusschneider: even the downloadable version is truncated after 4 megabytes
(14:40:45) copierrj: oops
(14:40:53) copierrj: that's a lot of logging
(14:41:12) markusschneider: it will become easier to debug (and more useful), if we can get rid of our test loggings...
(14:41:39) copierrj: that's something that could be done propably
(14:41:51) markusschneider: yes, something that we probably should do anyway
(14:42:09) markusschneider: anyway, i can offer to look deeper into the 3.3 issue
(14:42:15) markusschneider: ?
(14:42:25) StephanR: The download log said that "The build has been terminated."
(14:42:33) copierrj: did you try the -q switch?
(14:42:44) markusschneider: in Maven?
(14:42:47) copierrj: yes
(14:42:55) markusschneider: no
(14:42:57) markusschneider: good idea<
(14:43:00) StephanR: that could be caused by the large log itself, so that travis stopped the build after the log exceed the size
(14:43:11) copierrj: perhaps that gets us a usable log
(14:43:34) markusschneider: hm. let's have a look at a log of a good build:
(14:43:38) markusschneider: https://s3.amazonaws.com/archive.travis-ci.org/jobs/23746453/log.txt
(14:43:47) markusschneider: also ends with:
(14:43:54) markusschneider: "The build has been terminated."
(14:44:10) copierrj: technically every build terminates....
(14:44:17) markusschneider: right
(14:44:34) copierrj: we should take care of trimming the logging
(14:45:13) markusschneider: what do you have in mind?
(14:45:33) markusschneider: something we can do on short notice?
(14:45:39) copierrj: figuring out a way to only get errors being logged
(14:45:51) markusschneider: i will try with the -q switch for now
(14:46:13) markusschneider: maybe we can also use a custom log4.properties somehow when building?
(14:47:12) markusschneider: i will have a look at it. anybody got some time to help out?
(14:47:23) copierrj: not today unfortunately
(14:47:26) StephanR: the git output also created some pages of output
(14:47:50) tfr42: guys, I have to leave in 45 min and the list of open pull requests is quite long. can we start with topic 3 now, please.
(14:47:51) StephanR: adding -q ther might also bring some more space for the build log if it is possible
(14:48:16) markusschneider: well, let's just try that as a first and easy measure, then
(14:48:36) copierrj: let's postpone this discussion and do pulls first
(14:48:43) markusschneider: agreed. and create a ticket
(14:49:11) markusschneider: Pull requests:
(14:49:12) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pulls
(14:49:29) markusschneider: I suggest to go through the list one by one, only considering 3.4 pulls for now
(14:49:42) markusschneider: oldest first.
(14:49:46) copierrj: ok
(14:49:55) copierrj: but i would like to talk about 3.3 stuff afterwards
(14:50:01) markusschneider: alright
(14:50:03) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/204
(14:50:03) StephanR: ok
(14:50:42) markusschneider: -1: i do like this improvement, but would like to have a chance to discuss it on the list first
(14:51:12) copierrj: -1: i would like to suggest a different approch
(14:51:19) markusschneider: it's a rather big addition, and i believe we should try to keep our agreed procedure for that
(14:51:20) StephanR: 0
(14:51:27) markusschneider: torsten?
(14:51:27) tfr42: -1, I am missing a trac ticket
(14:51:33) markusschneider: and a discussion
(14:51:44) markusschneider: torsten, where's the procedure again?
(14:52:05) markusschneider: I added the checklist for pull request:
(14:52:06) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/wiki/Working-with-pull-requests#checklist-for-pull-requests
(14:52:15) tfr42: http://tracker.deegree.org/deegree-services/wiki/FeatureRequestGuidelines
(14:52:53) markusschneider: i suggest to add something about "major feature additions / new modules" to the checklist
(14:53:02) markusschneider: and link to the FeatureRequestGuidelines
(14:53:16) markusschneider: can i get your opinion on this?
(14:53:41) copierrj: major (strategic?) changes should be discussed on the list imho
(14:54:05) markusschneider: do we agree on "major"?
(14:54:10) markusschneider: what is major?
(14:54:38) markusschneider: I believe, every new deegree Java module is major
(14:54:54) copierrj: hmm, that's probably difficult to quantify
(14:55:26) markusschneider: right. let's try a pragmatic approach
(14:55:36) copierrj: perhaps beter to do this discussion another time
(14:55:48) markusschneider: alright
(14:55:53) copierrj: let's empty that pull request list
(14:56:17) markusschneider: still, i don't want #204, because we need a discussion for this kind of things first
(14:56:25) copierrj: agreed
(14:56:37) copierrj: at least not without discussion (on the list)
(14:56:46) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/207
(14:57:29) copierrj: +1
(14:57:33) markusschneider: +0 (cannot judge)
(14:57:40) tfr42: +1, trust in travis
(14:57:40) copierrj: makes sense for point symbols
(14:58:04) markusschneider: @torsten: yes, but this is just the minimum requirement...
(14:58:35) markusschneider: stephan?
(14:58:37) StephanR: +1, as it builds in travis
(14:58:48) markusschneider: merged
(14:59:00) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/208
(14:59:03) tfr42: having a unit test would be better
(14:59:13) copierrj: at lot better
(14:59:16) markusschneider: @torsten: can you add a comment?
(15:00:13) markusschneider: looks ok: +1
(15:00:34) copierrj: +1 (doesn't seem to do anything dangerous)
(15:00:41) markusschneider: and we have tests for CRS
(15:00:43) tfr42: +1
(15:00:44) StephanR: +1
(15:00:59) markusschneider: Merged
(15:01:12) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/211
(15:01:19) markusschneider: -1
(15:02:04) tfr42: -1, breaks travis ci
(15:02:10) copierrj: -1
(15:02:40) StephanR: -1
(15:02:51) markusschneider: Not merged. Thanks for your votes.
(15:02:53) copierrj: idea: do not close the pull request
(15:03:01) copierrj: only comment
(15:03:06) markusschneider: I already commented
(15:03:06) copierrj: aks for fixes
(15:03:11) copierrj: ok
(15:03:12) markusschneider: and asked for fixes
(15:03:23) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/217/files
(15:03:49) markusschneider: I totally appreciate documentation additions, but I would prefer a table over the diagram: 0
(15:04:00) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/217/files
(15:04:06) copierrj: why?
(15:04:15) copierrj: it's a tree
(15:04:20) markusschneider: Looking at the diagram, personally, I find it confusing
(15:04:22) tfr42: +1
(15:04:23) copierrj: doesn't fit in a table easily
(15:04:26) copierrj: +1
(15:04:46) markusschneider: My feeling is that it tries to explain how do get format XYZ into a deegree workspace
(15:05:11) StephanR: 0
(15:05:20) markusschneider: and: it's not a tree
(15:05:34) markusschneider: it's a (very convoluted) graph!
(15:05:47) copierrj: sure,
(15:06:04) copierrj: that doesn't change the fact that we cannot put this info in a table
(15:06:12) markusschneider: well, sure we could
(15:06:33) markusschneider: list every format (e.g. GeoTIFF) and the way to access it in deegree
(15:06:46) markusschneider: e.g. GeoTIFFTileStore, Coverage
(15:06:58) markusschneider: still
(15:07:02) markusschneider: i have your votes
(15:07:19) markusschneider: Merged. Thanks for your votes.
(15:07:32) markusschneider: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/219
(15:07:41) copierrj: +1
(15:07:50) markusschneider: Does this require documentation?
(15:07:55) copierrj: (there is also a 3.3 pull for this)
(15:07:58) copierrj: yes
(15:08:01) markusschneider: -1
(15:08:08) copierrj: that's what we discussed last time
(15:08:08) markusschneider: for now, sorry
(15:08:17) markusschneider: oh wait
(15:08:18) markusschneider: sorry
(15:08:19) copierrj: it includes docs
(15:08:22) markusschneider: :-)
(15:08:23) markusschneider: +1
(15:08:42) markusschneider: good work!
(15:08:42) tfr42: +1
(15:08:43) StephanR: +1
(15:09:06) markusschneider: Merged. Thanks for your votes.
(15:09:07) copierrj: thx
(15:09:19) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/223
(15:09:41) copierrj: didn't test it myself
(15:09:49) copierrj: someone on the list did
(15:10:03) markusschneider: +0.5
(15:10:32) copierrj: i would like to add a unit test for it
(15:10:41) copierrj: do not have the time....
(15:11:03) copierrj: +1
(15:11:27) tfr42: 0
(15:11:36) StephanR: 0
(15:11:49) markusschneider: Merged. Thanks for your votes.
(15:12:01) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/233
(15:12:26) copierrj: +1
(15:12:28) markusschneider: +1
(15:13:15) StephanR: +1
(15:13:26) tfr42: +1
(15:13:44) markusschneider: Merged. Thanks for your votes.
(15:13:48) copierrj: idea: perhaps we can elevate some of this functionality to the workspace module
(15:14:04) markusschneider: what do you have in mind?
(15:14:24) copierrj: some generic helper to initialize arbitrary java beans
(15:14:27) markusschneider: what's the use case for that?
(15:14:37) markusschneider: like spring beans?
(15:14:39) copierrj: something that can be used for every extension point
(15:14:47) copierrj: no
(15:14:49) copierrj: ,
(15:15:07) copierrj: everywhere a classname can be configured
(15:15:22) copierrj: for example: get feature info handles etc.
(15:15:22) markusschneider: can we postpone the discussion? please add your thoughts to the ticket or the tracker.
(15:15:26) copierrj: sure
(15:15:37) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/238
(15:15:54) copierrj: +1
(15:15:56) markusschneider: +1
(15:16:06) StephanR: +1
(15:16:26) tfr42: +1, and one extra for unit testing
(15:16:41) markusschneider: Thank you for voting. Merged.
(15:16:53) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/242
(15:17:02) copierrj: +1
(15:17:19) markusschneider: +1
(15:17:35) markusschneider: (and let's do the discussion on the javadoc sometime=
(15:17:36) markusschneider: )
(15:17:37) copierrj: @tfr42: could we discuss your comment at the joint meeting?
(15:17:58) tfr42: 0, see my comments wrt header and javadoc
(15:18:08) StephanR: +1
(15:18:13) tfr42: added ticket to wald tracker
(15:18:13) markusschneider: well, that applies to every contribution, i guess
(15:18:19) tfr42: right
(15:18:34) markusschneider: Thank you for voting. Merged.
(15:18:35) copierrj: something we should discuss with the psc also
(15:18:48) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/243
(15:19:15) markusschneider: +1
(15:19:17) tfr42: +1
(15:19:17) copierrj: +1
(15:19:22) StephanR: +1
(15:19:41) markusschneider: Thank you for voting. Merged.
(15:19:57) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/244
(15:20:07) copierrj: +1
(15:20:23) markusschneider: +1
(15:20:52) StephanR: +1
(15:20:54) copierrj: (this controller could be improved quite a lot imho)
(15:21:32) tfr42: 0, since no tests and this class is quite important any change should be carefully tested
(15:21:45) tfr42: refactoring is needed indeed
(15:21:48) copierrj: imposible to test (that's what should be improved)
(15:22:00) markusschneider: Thank you for voting. Merged.
(15:22:05) copierrj: we love to do this sometime
(15:22:08) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/247
(15:22:17) tfr42: not impossible, requires a lot of work I guess
(15:22:30) copierrj: not possible without refactoring
(15:22:33) copierrj: +1
(15:22:34) markusschneider: well, what's really impossible :-)
(15:22:47) markusschneider: +1
(15:22:52) tfr42: +1
(15:23:24) StephanR: 0
(15:23:25) markusschneider: btw, this pull could be good start to get rid of the dreaded "CRS identifier problems"
(15:23:32) markusschneider: at least i hope so
(15:23:39) copierrj: good work!
(15:23:46) markusschneider: thx
(15:23:52) markusschneider: Thank you for voting. Merged.
(15:24:08) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/248
(15:24:16) markusschneider: +1
(15:24:20) copierrj: +1
(15:24:45) copierrj: like those npe fixes!
(15:24:46) StephanR: +1
(15:25:17) tfr42: +1
(15:25:18) markusschneider: Result: +4. Merged.
(15:25:52) markusschneider: I would like to postpone my own pull: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/249
(15:26:12) markusschneider: - Missing: Discussion and Trac ticket
(15:26:16) markusschneider: - Missing: Documentation
(15:26:24) markusschneider: -1
(15:26:37) tfr42: agreed
(15:26:55) markusschneider: Same goes for https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/250
(15:26:56) StephanR: agree on that
(15:27:00) copierrj: is it feasible to make separate additional functionality like this in a separate repository
(15:27:12) copierrj: ?
(15:27:13) markusschneider: not without additional work
(15:27:43) markusschneider: to be honest, i am skeptical because of that
(15:27:53) copierrj: hmm
(15:28:17) copierrj: it is functionality we (IDgis) need
(15:28:27) markusschneider: i wouldn't like to have more unmaintained or semi-maintained stuff lying around...
(15:28:33) copierrj: i do agree with your remarks
(15:28:54) markusschneider: that's why i would discuss it again next time. after i fixed the shortcomings
(15:29:02) copierrj: ok
(15:29:10) copierrj: my vote for now: 0
(15:29:25) markusschneider: -1
(15:29:43) markusschneider: tfr42/stephan?
(15:29:55) tfr42: same as #250
(15:30:01) tfr42: skip for now
(15:30:02) tfr42: 0
(15:30:03) StephanR: me too,
(15:30:24) StephanR: 0
(15:30:33) markusschneider: Thank you for voting. I guess that's -1 for 249/250 then. Not merging.
(15:30:48) markusschneider: Next: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/251
(15:31:13) markusschneider: +1
(15:31:42) copierrj: +1
(15:31:45) StephanR: +1
(15:32:00) tfr42: +1
(15:32:01) markusschneider: Result: +4. Merging.
(15:32:37) markusschneider: Please review and give your votes for: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/281
(15:32:43) markusschneider: +1
(15:33:05) copierrj: +1
(15:33:39) copierrj: would be great to use sql merge in the future
(15:34:02) tfr42: 0, no unit test
(15:34:17) StephanR: 0
(15:34:19) markusschneider: Result: +2. Merging.
(15:34:41) markusschneider: Please review and give your votes for: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/282
(15:34:51) markusschneider: +1
(15:34:58) copierrj: +1
(15:35:16) tfr42: +1
(15:35:29) StephanR: +1
(15:35:31) markusschneider: Result: +4. Merging.
(15:36:02) markusschneider: Please review and give your votes for: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/283
(15:36:11) copierrj: +1
(15:36:12) markusschneider: An external contribution!
(15:36:14) markusschneider: +1
(15:36:23) copierrj: does anyone know this person?
(15:36:27) tfr42: +1
(15:36:28) markusschneider: no
(15:36:29) tfr42: no
(15:36:37) copierrj: that's interesting
(15:36:40) StephanR: no
(15:36:46) StephanR: +1
(15:36:48) markusschneider: Result: +4. Merging.
(15:37:07) markusschneider: Please review and give your votes for: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/284
(15:37:26) markusschneider: +1
(15:37:53) copierrj: +1
(15:38:27) copierrj: (this is an example where an integration test _does_ some sense)
(15:38:38) copierrj: make some sense
(15:38:58) StephanR: 0, do we have any recommendation using imports with .* ?
(15:39:25) markusschneider: StephanR: No. Maybe it's time to consider code-style rules again...
(15:39:30) copierrj: i personalty don't have a problem with static .* imports
(15:39:48) copierrj: but prefer not to use them
(15:39:52) tfr42: 0, missing integration test proving the basic support for SOAP
(15:40:00) markusschneider: Result on #284: +2. Merging.
(15:40:34) markusschneider: Last 3.4 for today: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/285
(15:40:42) markusschneider: Please review and give your votes.
(15:40:57) markusschneider: -1 (I'd like to see a discussion first)
(15:41:00) copierrj: -1 awaiting answer to comments
(15:41:53) markusschneider: However, seems interesting
(15:41:56) tfr42: -1
(15:42:05) copierrj: indeed, like the idea
(15:44:15) copierrj: ??
(15:44:21) StephanR: -1
(15:44:23) tfr42: are we done?
(15:44:26) markusschneider: Result: -4. Not merging (for now).
(15:44:42) copierrj: i would like to discuss how to deal with 3.3 pulls
(15:44:51) markusschneider: Ok. I am triggering a 3.4 build now...
(15:44:57) tfr42: not today please
(15:45:07) copierrj: well,
(15:45:12) markusschneider: http://buildserver.deegree.org/job/deegree-3.4-master/60/
(15:45:13) tfr42: can we stick with the timebox of 1 hour, please
(15:45:18) copierrj: some those pulls are anciend
(15:45:28) markusschneider: i suggest to have another meeting soon
(15:45:34) copierrj: monday?
(15:45:40) markusschneider: and postpone the 3.3 things...
(15:45:42) copierrj: (customers are waiting)
(15:45:51) markusschneider: well, i need some time to fix the 3.3 integration tests
(15:46:03) copierrj: quite some pulls are trivial backports
(15:46:12) markusschneider: starting from wednesday should be fine
(15:46:20) markusschneider: @reijer: could you make another doodle?
(15:46:25) copierrj: ok
(15:46:40) markusschneider: regarding your interface refactoring question:
(15:47:17) markusschneider: this is a complex issue and i would like to see a real discussion on the mailing list..
(15:47:29) copierrj: good idea
(15:47:32) markusschneider: i will give you my thoughts asap
(15:47:40) copierrj: on the list?
(15:47:42) markusschneider: yes
(15:47:50) copierrj: would be great!
(15:47:52) copierrj: thx
(15:48:18) copierrj: that's it for now?
(15:48:22) markusschneider: tfr42/StephanR: I believe this is important. Could you also provide feedback, please?
(15:48:52) markusschneider: if you cannot say anything about it, please just say that as well
(15:49:07) StephanR: i like the idea of beein able to create a theme based of database or custom code
(15:49:08) copierrj: to make the project look more active
(15:49:30) markusschneider: yes: and to give you some feeling of being heard...
(15:49:43) copierrj: that would be a nice side effect
(15:49:46) markusschneider: ;-)
(15:49:59) markusschneider: thank you, gentlemen.
(15:50:02) markusschneider: have a nice weekend
(15:50:07) copierrj: same to you, cu
(15:50:24) StephanR: cu, bye
(15:51:01) markusschneider: bye