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(10:54:49) Das Thema für #deegree ist: Welcome to deegree, an OSGeo project. Visit the main project page at http://deegree.org and our wiki at http://wiki.deegree.org with lots of extra info. Check out a running system at http://demo.deegree.org and follow us on twitter @deegree_org.
(10:54:49) Das Thema für #deegree gesetzt von jmays um 15:03:31 auf 10.11.2010
(10:57:17) StephanR [~StephanR@] hat den Raum betreten.
(10:57:29) StephanR: Hi everyone
(10:57:49) copierrj [~chatzilla@] hat den Raum betreten.
(11:01:36) Dirk_: Hi
(11:01:36) tfr42 [~chatzilla@static-87-79-89-38.netcologne.de] hat den Raum betreten.
(11:01:58) StephanR: Hi
(11:02:02) mrsnyder: Hi everybody
(11:02:05) copierrj: hi
(11:02:08) Jeronimo: Hi
(11:02:08) tfr42: Hello!
(11:02:13) mrsnyder: Are we ready to start?
(11:02:19) copierrj: i am
(11:02:49) tfr42: sure
(11:02:51) dbretschneider [~Thunderbi@static-87-79-89-38.netcologne.de] hat den Raum betreten.
(11:03:21) StephanR: me too
(11:03:52) mrsnyder: Before we start with the new items, how do we deal with the state of the last meeting/release?
(11:04:01) mrsnyder: http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/TmcMeeting/TmcMeeting20140710
(11:04:10) tfr42: Right! What is the status?
(11:04:16) mrsnyder: I believe we're missing a few things.
(11:04:20) mrsnyder: - Release notes
(11:04:24) mrsnyder: - Release announcement
(11:04:35) mrsnyder: - Wiki page status
(11:04:55) mrsnyder: (it's not mentioning the actually pulled items)
(11:05:25) mrsnyder: I understand that this was the first meeting without me, but i guess we need to clean that up
(11:05:48) mrsnyder: also, i don't see the irc log
(11:06:05) tfr42: That is correct. And I was blocked due to missing privileges to add content to the wiki/web site
(11:06:13) tfr42: And than it get lost
(11:06:17) tfr42: Sorry
(11:06:25) mrsnyder: ok. how do we get that fixed?
(11:06:31) mrsnyder: can we do that?
(11:06:44) tfr42: You granted me access to the new server
(11:06:51) tfr42: that's done
(11:07:04) tfr42: I do have the log of the IRC chat still here on my disk
(11:07:08) mrsnyder: ok
(11:07:14) tfr42: that can be done today
(11:07:55) copierrj: i'll add the pull request to the wiki
(11:07:57) tfr42: and there is now the wiki page https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/wiki/Releasing-deegree describing the tasks to do
(11:08:32) mrsnyder: I suggest the following: someone from the last meeting, takes care of the new meeting/release together with me today (after the meeting)
(11:09:32) mrsnyder: so we would fix the open tasks from the last time as well as doing the new meeting today
(11:09:43) mrsnyder: but i want some help with the old meeting
(11:10:20) tfr42: sure
(11:10:34) mrsnyder: who will do that? torsten?
(11:11:10) mrsnyder: are you available?
(11:11:30) tfr42: yes, it is the wiki, the email and the website we need to update
(11:11:34) Jeronimo_ [543f19b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(11:11:36) tfr42: all other steps are already done
(11:11:46) segoe [574f5926@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] hat den Raum betreten.
(11:11:52) copierrj: the wiki page is locked atm
(11:11:56) copierrj: i cannot edit it
(11:12:00) segoe: hi all
(11:12:31) tfr42: we will fix this later
(11:12:37) Jeronimo hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
(11:12:47) tfr42: let's start
(11:12:53) copierrj: ok
(11:13:08) mrsnyder: but there definitely is somebody available? i would rather not like to pile up stuff that needs to be taken care of?
(11:13:31) mrsnyder: sorry
(11:13:49) tfr42: good point
(11:13:49) mrsnyder: otherwise i would suggest to postpone the pulls
(11:14:36) mrsnyder: and first clean up the last release
Unbekanntes Kommando.
(11:14:41) tfr42: can we please start now. and solve the open tasks after the meeting
(11:15:14) tfr42: wiki, the email and the website are not blocking issues
(11:15:33) mrsnyder: i don't really agree here
(11:15:45) mrsnyder: the release was not performed, imho
(11:16:30) copierrj: does it make sense to do that release before we pull new stuff?
(11:16:49) mrsnyder: that's what i am thinking
(11:16:54) copierrj: why
(11:17:13) tfr42: which release is missing?
(11:17:21) mrsnyder: because we're messing up the process
(11:17:51) copierrj: sure, but who's going to use that release, if we're going to do another one today (or at least soon)
(11:18:20) StephanR: i am realy sorry, but just now a urgent problem arrived here so i have to leave the meeting
(11:18:21) tfr42: and the last 3.4 was 3.4-pre14 which is in nexus
(11:18:58) tfr42: markus, I would really appreciate if you would have that written in advance to our meeting today
(11:19:10) mrsnyder: i understand
(11:19:15) mrsnyder: but i told you in person
(11:19:25) tfr42: again
(11:19:36) tfr42: can you please tell me which release is missing?
(11:19:37) mrsnyder: basically i would like to see some commitment
(11:19:44) mrsnyder: with helping me out
(11:19:45) mrsnyder: that's all
(11:19:58) StephanR hat den Raum verlassen.
(11:20:22) mrsnyder: one second, pleas
(11:22:24) mrsnyder: ok, sorry
(11:22:30) mrsnyder: we can go ahead
(11:22:44) mrsnyder: torsten and i will do the remaining steps
(11:22:52) mrsnyder: agenda
(11:23:03) mrsnyder: basically a lot of pulling
(11:23:07) mrsnyder: :-)
(11:23:29) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pulls
(11:23:56) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/209
(11:24:30) mrsnyder: tests are failing. -1
(11:24:44) mrsnyder: Same for https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/211
(11:24:46) copierrj: -1 (same reason)
(11:24:52) copierrj: also -1
(11:25:07) tfr42: STOP please
(11:25:12) mrsnyder: ok
(11:25:21) mrsnyder: why?
(11:25:45) tfr42: we can save a lot of time if we review only those PR which do not have the label "needs discussion" or "tests failing"
(11:25:51) mrsnyder: good point
(11:25:57) tfr42: I did a review of all PR yesterday
(11:26:01) copierrj: makes sense
(11:26:12) tfr42: so let's take those without these lables first
(11:26:15) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/319
(11:26:17) mrsnyder: then
(11:26:21) tfr42: and if time remains the other later
(11:26:23) tfr42: ok
(11:26:25) copierrj: but we should poke people about test failures
(11:26:30) mrsnyder: oldest one without "tests failing"
(11:26:55) mrsnyder: also, lets do corresponding 3.3 and 3.4 pulls together
(11:26:57) mrsnyder: so:
(11:27:07) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/319
(11:27:08) mrsnyder: and
(11:27:15) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/318
(11:27:19) tfr42: for both +1
(11:27:24) mrsnyder: +1
(11:27:46) copierrj: +2 (one for each pull)
(11:27:56) mrsnyder: stephan is absent, so
(11:28:04) mrsnyder: result: +3 (or +6)
(11:29:07) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/320 (and 321)
(11:29:36) mrsnyder: +1
(11:29:38) copierrj: +1
(11:30:03) tfr42: +1
(11:30:20) mrsnyder: merged
(11:30:49) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/326 (+327)
(11:31:20) mrsnyder: torsten, you added the label "needs discussion" here
(11:31:57) tfr42: yep, tests missing
(11:32:14) mrsnyder: i would also like to have an integration test, but wonder how to approach it
(11:32:43) copierrj: not easy
(11:32:49) copierrj: possible approach:
(11:33:25) copierrj: bootstrap tomcat + deegree with workspace including a 'blocking' feature store
(11:33:43) copierrj: and verify that the request terminates in time
(11:33:51) mrsnyder: yes, that could work
(11:34:07) copierrj: but is rather time consuming to build
(11:34:14) segoe: would'nt be something like a configuration with a very low timeout and one with a more usual one be enough?
(11:34:20) Jeronimo_: seems to me, the label is correct.
(11:34:28) mrsnyder: agreed
(11:34:31) copierrj: i wouldn't mind pulling this in without an integration test as it is easy to test by hand
(11:34:54) mlechner hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(11:34:56) segoe: does this improve quality then?
(11:34:59) copierrj: integration tests for stuff like this would be great of course
(11:35:18) copierrj: but atm we do not have a proper test framework to build tests like this
(11:35:44) Jeronimo_: May be this is easy to test, but the sense in this test would be to avoid regression.
(11:35:48) mrsnyder: well, i can try to do this for the next time. so we discuss this on the ml then?
(11:36:00) mrsnyder: skip?
(11:36:02) copierrj: fine with me
(11:36:17) mrsnyder: good
(11:36:19) tfr42: for now
(11:36:25) segoe: it is just about thinking about the process ;-)
(11:36:40) mrsnyder: Next then. https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/328
(11:36:59) tfr42: +1
(11:37:24) mrsnyder: +0 (didn't verify)
(11:37:48) copierrj: 0 (dont know this scale set)
(11:38:26) mrsnyder: +1. Merged
(11:38:57) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/366
(11:39:08) mrsnyder: travis failed
(11:39:26) copierrj: but only for oracle jdk
(11:39:30) mrsnyder: but only one of the builds
(11:39:31) segoe: erm
(11:39:32) mrsnyder: right
(11:39:45) segoe: and you all verified every commit?
(11:39:57) segoe: as this was the reason for a 0
(11:40:00) segoe: before
(11:40:32) mrsnyder: well, i believe the vote is also about "is the tmc member willing to take responsibility"
(11:40:47) mrsnyder: some things are very easy to verify, others aren't
(11:41:09) mrsnyder: i was also personally involved in this one
(11:41:14) Dirk_: When I look in the log of the failed build a dependency is missing.
(11:41:17) Dirk_: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project deegree-core-commons: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.deegree:deegree-core-commons:jar:3.4-pre15-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: jogl:jogl:jar:1.1.2, org.deegree:deegree-ogcschemas:jar:20120804: Could not find artifact jogl:jogl:jar:1.1.2 in central (http://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2) -> [Help 1]
(11:41:37) copierrj: could be a timeout while downloading the artifact
(11:41:39) mrsnyder: yes, that happens for *every* travis run
(11:41:52) mrsnyder: once and the second time it succeds
(11:41:55) mrsnyder: strange, i now
(11:42:03) mrsnyder: would love to see this fixed
(11:42:23) copierrj: perhaps we could wait for the restarted build jobs to finish and do this pull request later
(11:42:24) mrsnyder: we already discussed implementing a cache strategy for maven artifcats
(11:42:25) copierrj: ?
(11:43:03) mrsnyder: i am basically fine with pulling or waiting
(11:43:06) mrsnyder: +0.5
(11:43:10) tfr42: I think we need to merge that pull requests because this pr contains a lot of fixes we need for the following
(11:43:23) mrsnyder: is it?
(11:43:31) mrsnyder: compile-time wise?
(11:43:32) tfr42: +1 with high risks (I am fully aware of)
(11:43:52) Jeronimo_: btw. at berlin code sprint we discussed to add a java6 travis build to ensure compatibility
(11:44:07) tfr42: right
(11:44:09) mrsnyder: right
(11:44:10) copierrj: -1 (do not have the time to fix it if necessary)
(11:44:17) tfr42: please add a new PR for this
(11:44:43) mrsnyder: i cannot merge this. the button is grayed out!?
(11:44:53) mrsnyder: ok
(11:44:59) mrsnyder: it needs to be rebased
(11:45:02) copierrj: probably because of stuff we just merged...
(11:45:05) mrsnyder: right
(11:45:18) mrsnyder: how shall we proceed?
(11:45:29) copierrj: hmm
(11:45:30) mrsnyder: we need to postpone it.
(11:45:35) mrsnyder: and then?
(11:45:37) copierrj: we should have done this one first
(11:45:42) tfr42: skip and next
(11:45:49) mrsnyder: good
(11:45:57) copierrj: rebasing is going to be more difficult later
(11:46:14) mrsnyder: is it?
(11:46:21) mrsnyder: i don't really see why
(11:46:42) mrsnyder: i suggest to go ahead. https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/383
(11:46:44) copierrj: everything we merge is potentially in conflict with this rather large pull request
(11:46:45) mrsnyder: for now
(11:46:55) Dirk_: But it would guess there are merge conflicts as well. Shouldn't git be able to automerge it otherwise?
(11:47:02) mrsnyder: i don't really thing so. it's mostly console stuff
(11:47:11) mrsnyder: think
(11:47:18) copierrj: that's right, but what's causing the conflict then?
(11:47:23) segoe: I think what we definitely learn from this is, don't do such big pull requests.
(11:47:49) segoe: better to have small ones even if it is more effort
(11:48:05) Dirk_: I could test it on my local machine and we proceed now.
(11:48:18) mrsnyder: good. lets go ahead then
(11:48:21) copierrj: ok
(11:48:36) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/383
(11:48:44) mrsnyder: this is still a pull for the codesprint branch
(11:48:57) mrsnyder: also doesn't merge
(11:49:11) mrsnyder: reijer, could you look into this for the next time?
(11:49:15) copierrj: ok
(11:49:18) copierrj: i'll do that
(11:49:27) tfr42: well, we can only merge #387, #409 and #410
(11:49:36) tfr42: all others are failing
(11:50:07) mrsnyder: lets do them first and then see what to do to fix this
(11:50:18) copierrj: ok
(11:50:20) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/386 (+387)
(11:50:49) tfr42: +1
(11:50:59) mrsnyder: 386 failed on travis (for one jdk)
(11:51:02) mrsnyder: +1
(11:51:04) copierrj: failure
(11:51:30) copierrj: +1
(11:51:36) copierrj: looks ok
(11:51:55) mrsnyder: merged
(11:52:55) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/409
(11:53:11) mrsnyder: unable to verify: +0
(11:53:16) tfr42: +1
(11:53:30) tfr42: we did use it in production on WLS 10.x
(11:53:49) mrsnyder: integration tests are close too impossible here...
(11:53:50) copierrj: 0
(11:54:09) mrsnyder: merged
(11:54:22) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/410
(11:54:33) tfr42: +1
(11:54:48) copierrj: +1
(11:54:59) mrsnyder: interesting, what's hopCount?!
(11:55:02) mrsnyder: +0.5
(11:55:09) segoe: csw feature
(11:55:30) tfr42: different approaches for INSPIRE Discovery Services setups
(11:55:32) mrsnyder: that i understand
(11:55:36) mrsnyder: merged
(11:56:10) segoe: The hopCount parameter controls the distributed query behaviour by limiting the maximum number of message hops before the search is terminated. Each catalogue decrements this value by one when the request is received and does not propagate the request if the hopCount=0.
(11:56:23) segoe: clear ? :)
(11:56:25) mrsnyder: torsten, how did you verify that nothing else i ready?
(11:56:27) mrsnyder: :-)
(11:56:32) mrsnyder: is
(11:56:49) tfr42: for all others at least one travis build failed
(11:57:15) mrsnyder: ok, i suggest to still consider the ones where one build succeeded.
(11:57:18) copierrj: we should definitely solve this travis timeout thing....
(11:57:19) mrsnyder: *sigh*
(11:57:21) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/398
(11:57:33) mrsnyder: yes, it's a pain in the ...
(11:58:41) tfr42: +1
(11:58:44) copierrj: not sure of this is safe
(11:59:11) mrsnyder: -0 (this is probably testable)
(11:59:27) copierrj: if we do not add namespaces to the output isn't this resulting in (potentially) incorrect xml?
(12:00:01) mrsnyder: i am not sure.
(12:00:04) mrsnyder: already merged it
(12:00:12) copierrj: noticed
(12:00:13) tfr42: but here it is adding a missing namespace
(12:00:21) tfr42: should be no harm
(12:00:28) copierrj: well, it is for esri users only
(12:00:34) tfr42: yes
(12:00:42) copierrj: they are in trouble already anyways
(12:01:09) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/388 failed twice
(12:01:29) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/389
(12:01:37) mrsnyder: (one travis failure only)
(12:01:44) mrsnyder: +1
(12:01:49) tfr42: thats a easy one
(12:01:50) copierrj: +1
(12:01:50) tfr42: ü1
(12:01:52) mrsnyder: should be safe. :-)
(12:01:52) tfr42: +1
(12:01:57) tfr42: yep
(12:02:11) mrsnyder: merged
(12:02:59) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/390 (failed once)
(12:03:31) mrsnyder: +1 (looks good)
(12:03:41) tfr42: +1
(12:04:10) copierrj: 0
(12:04:19) mrsnyder: merged
(12:04:37) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/397
(12:04:52) mrsnyder: failed twice: -1
(12:05:20) segoe: works in production...
(12:05:46) mrsnyder: a simple travis restart should fix this.
(12:05:47) copierrj: don't like if ( dialect instanceof PostGISDialect )
(12:06:11) Jeronimo_: I restarted all the jobs you mentioned that failed twice
(12:06:17) copierrj: the whole point of the sql dialect is to avoid special cases like this
(12:06:23) mrsnyder: agreed
(12:06:35) mrsnyder: this should really go into the dialect
(12:06:54) Jeronimo_: how can one determine the escape char then?
(12:07:12) copierrj: if also requires the postgis dialect to be on the classpath
(12:07:12) mrsnyder: by adding a method the SQLDialect: #getEscapeChar
(12:07:19) mrsnyder: to the SQLDialect
(12:07:29) mrsnyder: yep
(12:07:33) mrsnyder: this is really bad
(12:07:39) copierrj: aggreed: -1
(12:07:52) mrsnyder: easily fixable, though
(12:08:04) segoe: with the suggested approach you are sure, that workspace initialization does not fail?
(12:08:09) mrsnyder: we need to provide feedbback
(12:08:11) mrsnyder: yes
(12:08:32) segoe: then the fix is to simply move the enhancement into the dialect here?
(12:08:34) mrsnyder: or am i missing something?
(12:08:39) segoe: not sure
(12:08:44) mrsnyder: yes, that's what i am thinking
(12:08:45) segoe: just want to be clear about that
(12:09:03) mrsnyder: at least the committer should have a good reason for not doing that
(12:09:06) segoe: because if not, the current pull request seems to be the right thing
(12:09:28) mrsnyder: we should postpone this and discuss
(12:09:36) copierrj: the idea behind this pull request is ok, the implementation needs fixing
(12:09:50) segoe: and providing feedback within the pull request is required ;-)
(12:09:54) tfr42: added label to be discussed
(12:10:06) mrsnyder: thanks
(12:10:07) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/399
(12:10:47) mrsnyder: failed twice: -
(12:10:48) mrsnyder: -1
(12:10:57) mrsnyder: need to restart
(12:11:03) segoe: again, works in production...
(12:11:07) segoe: yes
(12:11:24) segoe: btw there is a need to have tests for image formats
(12:11:40) segoe: gif does not work at all with newer java versions...
(12:11:56) mrsnyder: i agree. that's bad
(12:12:28) Dirk_: Actually, both builds failed because of the missing dependency...
(12:12:46) mrsnyder: i think this error is very misleading. imho, this is not the actual reason
(12:13:03) mrsnyder: i am pretty sure. i did analyze this at some point.
(12:13:23) mrsnyder: this is one strange travis/maven problem
(12:13:33) mrsnyder: it usually fails the first time, then succeeds
(12:13:59) mrsnyder: gentleman, what about your votes?
(12:14:04) mrsnyder: gentlemen
(12:14:18) copierrj: +1
(12:14:26) copierrj: looks safe
(12:14:38) tfr42: +1
(12:15:00) mrsnyder: +1 then. merged
(12:15:19) mrsnyder: but i would favor not the merge stuff that didn't pass a single travis run...
(12:15:45) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/402
(12:15:48) mrsnyder: (passed once)
(12:16:30) tfr42: +1
(12:16:42) mrsnyder: +0 (cannot tell)
(12:16:45) Dirk_: I think you accidently merged pull 400 instead of 399
(12:16:47) Jeronimo_: I need to leave, now.
(12:16:52) Jeronimo_: Bye.
(12:16:54) copierrj: bye
(12:16:59) Dirk_: bye
(12:17:08) mrsnyder: STOP
(12:17:10) mrsnyder: i did?
(12:17:39) tfr42: yep #399 is still open
(12:17:57) mrsnyder: sorry
(12:18:05) mrsnyder: can we please check #400 then:
(12:18:05) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/400
(12:19:15) tfr42: well, that's a nasty one
(12:19:18) mrsnyder: i do not see the travis results anymore
(12:19:34) mrsnyder: why nasty?
(12:19:35) copierrj: travis build failed
(12:19:44) copierrj: (see commit list)
(12:20:16) mrsnyder: from the description, i do not really get the point
(12:20:39) tfr42: this bug was about inproper resource handling
(12:20:48) mrsnyder: inproper in which way?
(12:21:13) Jeronimo_ hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
(12:21:23) tfr42: and so far I remember the file resource was not closed and resulted in a "too many files open" exception
(12:21:56) tfr42: we did this more than a year ago
(12:22:08) tfr42: but it is safe
(12:22:19) tfr42: this it runs in production since then
(12:22:35) mrsnyder: ok then. your votes?
(12:22:39) copierrj: +1
(12:22:40) tfr42: +1
(12:22:40) mrsnyder: +0
(12:22:44) mrsnyder: already merged
(12:23:05) tfr42: thanks
(12:23:14) mrsnyder: and merged #399
(12:23:48) mrsnyder: Back to: ok
(12:23:51) mrsnyder: i mean...
(12:23:57) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/402
(12:24:50) copierrj: need more explanation, preferable in the form of a unit test
(12:25:04) mrsnyder: yes, that would of course be great
(12:25:17) mrsnyder: so long: +0.5
(12:25:30) copierrj: i've now idea what the result of this patch is
(12:25:32) copierrj: no
(12:25:49) mrsnyder: i got some idea
(12:25:59) segoe: to repair the sortorder
(12:26:13) mrsnyder: it's about finding the matching "SortOrder" for a SortProperty element
(12:26:25) tfr42: +1
(12:26:50) mrsnyder: reijer?
(12:26:54) copierrj: +1
(12:27:02) mrsnyder: merged
(12:27:23) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/403
(12:27:37) mrsnyder: travis failed once
(12:28:29) mrsnyder: +0.5
(12:28:35) segoe: y?
(12:28:38) tfr42: +1
(12:28:44) segoe: its only a fixed xml file
(12:28:44) mrsnyder: not because of travis :-)
(12:28:52) mrsnyder: looks good, but didn't verify
(12:28:57) segoe: ^^
(12:29:55) copierrj: +0.5 (change is ok, nasty commits, should have been squashed into a single commit)
(12:30:06) mrsnyder: merged
(12:30:21) segoe: i already added an addiional issue because this mechanism differs from the one for other inspire services
(12:30:52) segoe: should be harmonized in the future for every service type
(12:31:07) mrsnyder: fine. https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/404
(12:32:05) mrsnyder: travis failed twice
(12:32:07) mrsnyder: -1
(12:32:21) tfr42: needs discussion
(12:32:23) copierrj: -1
(12:32:25) tfr42: see my comment
(12:32:27) tfr42: -1
(12:32:28) mrsnyder: agreed
(12:32:32) mrsnyder: postponed then
(12:32:34) segoe: yep
(12:32:46) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/405
(12:32:57) mrsnyder: failed once
(12:33:53) mrsnyder: could this be tested?
(12:35:31) copierrj: is this always adding the authorization header to cascading requests?!?
(12:35:42) mrsnyder: i don't really like the way it handles the authorization
(12:35:55) mrsnyder: it's a bit too specific for basich auth IMHO
(12:36:07) copierrj: we should think of a generic way to solve this issue
(12:36:27) segoe: there is already an implementation for wms within deegree...
(12:36:45) segoe: this is just an adoption of it
(12:36:49) mrsnyder: ok, i see, it follows what's already there
(12:36:53) mrsnyder: still not nice
(12:37:06) copierrj: again: is this always adding the authorization header to cascading requests?!?
(12:37:27) copierrj: if so, my vote whould be Integer.MIN_VALUE
(12:37:32) mrsnyder: :-)
(12:37:51) mrsnyder: agreed, that definitely should be clarified
(12:38:04) copierrj: and removed from the wms if this is the case
(12:38:04) mrsnyder: and if the wms client does it as well, this needs to be fixed
(12:38:12) mrsnyder: -1
(12:38:39) segoe: someone should add a new issue then
(12:38:48) tfr42: +1
(12:38:51) tfr42: oops
(12:38:53) tfr42: -1
(12:38:58) copierrj: this is an interesting discussion item
(12:39:12) mrsnyder: not merging
(12:39:47) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/406
(12:40:22) mrsnyder: failed once
(12:40:56) mrsnyder: we should put closeQuietly into XMLStreamUtils
(12:41:03) copierrj: agreed
(12:41:03) mrsnyder: i also need it all the time
(12:41:23) mrsnyder: how about postponing it and suggesting this
(12:41:28) copierrj: fine with me
(12:41:30) mrsnyder: should be easy
(12:41:39) mrsnyder: for that reason: -1
(12:41:40) copierrj: i'll add a comment to the conversation
(12:41:43) mrsnyder: nice
(12:42:50) mrsnyder: skip to the next one? torsten?
(12:43:01) tfr42: yes, please
(12:43:28) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/407
(12:43:44) mrsnyder: failed twice
(12:43:45) mrsnyder: -1
(12:43:49) tfr42: -1
(12:44:40) copierrj: it adds an empty trust manager to the ssl context!!
(12:44:42) copierrj: -1
(12:45:15) mrsnyder: reijer, can you please add that to the pull request
(12:45:21) copierrj: ok
(12:45:25) mrsnyder: thanks
(12:45:29) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/411
(12:46:10) mrsnyder: failed twice
(12:46:10) mrsnyder: -1
(12:46:26) tfr42: -1
(12:46:31) copierrj: do we want to process invalid responses?
(12:47:06) mrsnyder: good question
(12:47:26) mrsnyder: we don't have a strict strategy for dealing with invalid inputs
(12:47:30) Dirk_: yes, thats probably more important thant the failed jobs.
(12:48:01) mrsnyder: my feeling is that we need to decide for every case, but we may come up with some rules
(12:49:06) mrsnyder: let's add that discussion to the ticket and move on
(12:49:16) mrsnyder: for now
(12:49:22) Dirk_: ok
(12:49:39) mrsnyder: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/412
(12:50:13) mrsnyder: isn't info_format optional?
(12:52:09) copierrj: why isn't the info_format of the original gfi request used instead?
(12:53:13) mrsnyder: too me, the effects are still too unclear to decide
(12:53:44) mrsnyder: i would like to see the ticket explain the different scenarios and effects
(12:53:45) copierrj: it is an improvement imho, but i would like to have an answer to my question first
(12:54:09) mrsnyder: so: postpone and discuss
(12:54:16) copierrj: ok
(12:54:23) mrsnyder: added "needs discussion"
(12:55:02) copierrj: needed a commnt
(12:55:03) Dirk_: yeah, actually before that text/xml was not supported. Now, it is used if target service does not support application/vnd.ogc.gml
(12:55:05) copierrj: added
(12:55:08) copierrj: a comment
(12:55:13) mrsnyder: thanks. https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/415
(12:55:26) mrsnyder: failed once
(12:55:59) tfr42: +1
(12:56:08) copierrj: 0 (don't know this part of deegree well enough)
(12:56:22) mrsnyder: a lot of changes, no new tests
(12:56:45) mrsnyder: i do appreciate cleaning up
(12:56:48) copierrj: a general remark: commits without message?!?
(12:57:17) mrsnyder: -0.5
(12:57:37) mrsnyder: oops
(12:57:42) mrsnyder: cannot be merged at the moment
(12:57:51) Dirk_: we already cleaned up that pull request, but i agree it is still big.
(12:57:54) mrsnyder: needs rebasing
(12:58:13) copierrj: and squashing
(12:58:20) mrsnyder: torsten, can we add a git label for that?
(12:58:25) mrsnyder: "needs rebasing"
(12:58:36) mrsnyder: or something like that
(12:58:39) tfr42: not yet
(12:58:50) mrsnyder: to tell that it cannot be applied
(12:58:55) tfr42: is this a tpical label?
(12:59:18) mrsnyder: tpical meaning?
(12:59:59) tfr42: does this reoccure often?
(13:00:18) mrsnyder: i think so
(13:00:27) copierrj: it did during this meeting...
(13:01:31) tfr42: ok
(13:01:36) mrsnyder: otherwise, we are finished with pulling, i guess
(13:01:47) Dirk_: The berlin codesprint branch could get this label as well. I checked it locally and it just needs a rebase.
(13:01:55) mrsnyder: good
(13:02:09) mrsnyder: so we add it?
(13:02:22) mrsnyder: shall we vote?
(13:02:28) copierrj: who is going to perform the codesprint rebase?
(13:02:43) copierrj: vote about the 'need rebase' tag?
(13:02:46) mrsnyder: yes
(13:02:49) copierrj: +1
(13:02:50) mrsnyder: +1
(13:02:53) tfr42: yes
(13:02:57) tfr42: +1
(13:03:00) mrsnyder: good
(13:03:10) mrsnyder: torsten, can you add it?
(13:03:14) copierrj: i would also like to suggest that we need some standards for commit messages
(13:03:15) mrsnyder: you know how to do
(13:03:42) copierrj: it shouldn't be a mess, like some pull requests are
(13:03:46) mrsnyder: good thing. let's put that on the agenda for next time, shall we?
(13:03:52) copierrj: great!
(13:03:58) mrsnyder: we are already a bit overtime
(13:04:19) mrsnyder: but please lets talk about the next steps
(13:04:20) tfr42: yes
(13:04:24) copierrj: ok
(13:04:30) tfr42: and how?
(13:04:48) mrsnyder: next meeting: soon (er)
(13:04:58) copierrj: early next week?
(13:05:23) mrsnyder: try to get release tasks done: today?
(13:05:26) tfr42: shall we have a hangout soon
(13:05:34) mrsnyder: you mean skype?
(13:05:52) mrsnyder: i won't be available the next three weeks.
(13:05:56) mrsnyder: holidays :-)
(13:06:00) tfr42: I will be in holiday from next tuesday on
(13:06:19) mrsnyder: so, beginning of october then?
(13:06:20) copierrj: so we do have an incentive to complete our work today....
(13:06:22) tfr42: google hangout
(13:06:24) tfr42: or skype
(13:06:40) mrsnyder: yes, i would appreciate that as well
(13:06:51) mrsnyder: the irc chat is ok for pulling
(13:06:59) mrsnyder: but sometimes not ideal
(13:07:03) copierrj: agreed
(13:07:12) copierrj: quite time consuming
(13:07:30) tfr42: yes
(13:07:37) copierrj: how about a skype session later today?
(13:07:39) tfr42: sometimes it is easier to takj
(13:07:46) tfr42: sometimes it is easier to talk
(13:08:18) mrsnyder: skype session would be good for me. discuss tasks, get stuff done
(13:08:26) copierrj: 1530h?
(13:08:38) mrsnyder: fine by me.
(13:08:44) tfr42: not for me
(13:08:51) tfr42: my son has brithday
(13:08:51) mrsnyder: too bad
(13:09:18) tfr42: i have to drink coffee
(13:09:18) mrsnyder: reijer, can you jump in for torsten to help with the open tasks from last time then?
(13:09:19) copierrj: does it make sense to have a skype call for only the two of us?
(13:09:22) tfr42: with the relatives
(13:09:25) tfr42: later?
(13:09:31) mrsnyder: meaning?
(13:10:07) tfr42: after 17 oclock
(13:10:13) mrsnyder: 17:15?
(13:10:17) tfr42: good
(13:10:20) mrsnyder: reijer?
(13:10:27) copierrj: hmm
(13:10:35) mrsnyder: too late?
(13:10:36) copierrj: i planned to leave office on time, but ok
(13:10:40) mrsnyder: great
(13:10:49) mrsnyder: see you at 17:15 then
(13:10:59) mrsnyder: thanks for your patience
(13:11:04) copierrj: ok, cu
(13:11:17) mrsnyder: bye
(13:11:26) copierrj hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 31.0/20140716183446]).