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Integrate deegree desktop in eclipse

1. Checkout the code

Start the eclipse IDE and open the SVN Repositorys View.

Add a new repository location with this URL:


Select the New Project Wizard and click Finish.

A new window appears, select Java Project and click Next.
Enter the projects name and click Finish.

Eclipse will now checkout the sourcecode from the SVN repository.

2. Set up

2.1. Set up requirements 'for Linux'

Open up a console/terminal and navigate to the directory, where deegree desktop was checked out.

To make the needed configurations for Eclipse run this Maven command:

mvn -DdownloadSources=true -DdownloadJavadocs=true -Dwtpversion=2.0 eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse

This may take a few minutes.
The Eclipse Project is now configured.
Select the Project in your Package View an press F5 to refresh the project.

If you have not allready set the maven variable in eclipse you should do that now. How to do that is described on the page deegree3/SettingMavenVariableInEclipse.

deegree desktop is ready and configured in your Eclipse.

2.2. Set up requirements 'for Windows'


2.3. Set up requirements 'for Mac'


3. Start deegree desktop from eclipse

You should now be able to run and/or debug iGeoDesktop via eclipse.

The main method can be found under


4. Run deegree desktop

Open up another terminal.
Reenter the checkout directory.

mvn install

and wait for the maven magic to happen.

Go to /target/appassembler/bin and execute the iGeoDesktop.sh

(You might have to set the mode to executable, under LINUX run chmod 755 iGeoDesktop.sh)

The application should now start.


2018-04-20 12:04