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Setting up the deegree3 modules in Eclipse

This page describes how to checkout / set up deegree3 in Eclipse. For a description of setting up the modules with the Maven build system please take a look at deegree3/BuildingDeegree3.

Before starting, make sure you have Java SDK 1.6 (Update 4 or later is required, because deegree 3 depends on JAXB 2.1 API), Eclipse and Subclipse installed (be sure to select a Subclipse version compatible with the Eclipse version).

1. New SVN project

Create a new project that is built from an SVN repository (File -> New -> Project).


2. Checkout from SVN

Enter the SVN repository URL: http://svn.wald.intevation.org/svn/deegree/deegree3/trunk


3. Select modules to download

The deegree 3 hierarchy will appear. You may select deegree-core and deegree-services as these comprise the deegree 3 implementation. You may also want to get the deegree-tools module which contains additional utilities.


4. Set up build path using Maven

At this point the projects are not compiling/have build path errors. First, set the M2_REPO variable deegree3/SettingMavenVariableInEclipse. Then invoke Maven from the command line to set up your build paths. Execute the following, first for deegree-core, then deegree-service, then deegree-tools - in the respective module directory:

In case you experience that Eclipse doesn't seem to build, you may need to select "Project" -> "Clean" or "Project" -> "Build Project" manually. Don't hesitate to ask on the deegree-users list if you run into any problems. See GettingInvolved#MailingLists


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