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deegree 3 configuration versions

This page documents the versions of the deegree 3 configuration file formats (such as service or datastore configurations). As deegree 3 (as a whole) is still considered unstable, the configuration format has not settled yet and will change in the future.

1. Help! I updated the JARs and now my deegree 3 services don't start anymore

If starting you're services gives you an error such as "... configuration file XYZ uses configuration format version 0.1.0, but this deegree version only supports version 0.2.0.", you have basically two options:

  1. Downgrade your JARs (deegree3_core/degree3_services) to an older version that supported this version.
  2. Upgrade your configuration files to the new format. For prereleases of version 3.0, this has to be done manually. You can start by setting the configVersion attribute of the root element of your configuration file to the new version. Also adjust the schemaLocation attribute, so validation in your XML editor works. Check if the file validates and adapt it to the schema if needed. Consult the service document pages and the example configurations from the services SVN. If you cannot figure out how to get your configuration again, ask on the deegree-users list for help.

2. Version history


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