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deegree3 developer meeting (2008-09-15)

Protocol by: OliverTonnhofer

Participants: RutgerBezema, ChristianKiehle, OliverTonnhofer, AlexanderPadberg, AndreasSchmitz, JensFitzke

1. Development Status

1.1. WCS

The WCS is in good progress to support the 1.0.0 spec. It passes nearly all CITE compliance tests already. There is still no configuration of the service, though.

A small script will be checked into the repository that converts WMS requests into WCS requests. That way it is possible to test the visual result of a WCS with clients like OpenJUMP, QGis, etc. (Comment added: see d3_services/resources/scripts/wcs/)

1.2. Rendering Engine

The styling model is done and 50% of the features (points, lines, etc.) can be rendered. The engine uses Java 2D. Text rendering and advanced line patterns are not implemented yet.

There are tests that produces rendered images and a text file that describes the result that is expected in each image.

1.3. WPS

Standard execute processes are working. There is an example process that uses the new processing API. The storage of WPS results in temporary documents and the status requests are not yet implemented.

It was noted that the processing API documentation in this wiki must be improved to be useful for external process developer. Also the page must be made public.

The WPS developer won't be able to work on the implementation for the rest of this month. The responsibility for the WPS should be handed over to another developer.

1.4. Processing

The new processing API separates commands and processes. Processes should use the Java concurrent framework for execution. There are interfaces and abstract implementations for the support of process status notification and to cancel/stop processes. Most requirements are met. The only one that is missing from this lightweight solution is the persistence of processes. (see deegree3/Processing)

A simple solution for the persistence of requests might be a service/API that stores the requests (XML/KVP) into a database.

2. Next Meeting

Topics for the next meeting:

3. Misc

A method to rate requirements might be MoSCoW: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MoSCoW_Method


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