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deegree 3 developer meeting (2008-10-21)

Protocol by: ChristianKiehle

Participants: RutgerBezema, ChristianKiehle, MarkusSchneider, AndreasSchmitz, OliverTonnhofer,

1. Build Process

Apache Ivy will be used as a dependency management system for deegree3. It seems to be capable to handle all of the specified requirements for dependency management (incl. managing different versions of libraries).

A build mechanism should be defined to create nightly builds of deegree3 modules. The resulting jars should be used for developments on/with deegree3. The usage of deegree sources should be omited whenever possible (especially by external developers).

2. Geometry Parser

The implementation of the geometry parser is going on well. It is possible to parse all of the 15 interpolation methods for curves. Implementation may be finished by end of this week.

3. SOS, WCS & Raster

It is still unclear who will be responsible for the further development of the deegree3 components SOS, WCS & Raster.

4. OWS-6 Kickoff Meeting

OWS-6 kickoff meeting has no impact on the further development on deegree3. WMS 1.3 RI as well as WMS 1.3 DGWIG Profile RI will be developed based on deegree2.


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