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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-02-10

Protocol by: MarkusSchneider

Attendees: RutgerBezema, AlexanderPadberg, AndreiIonita, MarkusSchneider

1. Build-Server (Cruisecontrol)

This has still to be done for deegree3, so nightly builds are available and the generated javadoc is provided automatically.

2. CRSProvider using derby / JDBC

AndreiIonita is working on the configuration system for the CRS subsystem. Currently, accessing CRS instances requires that a large XML-configuration file is read into memory completely which results in a ~2 sec delay (only once for the runtime of deegree). To improve this, the content of this file will be made available as an SQL database (usually as an embedded derby DB, so it can be packaged into one of the deegree3 jars).

During this process, all references to XMLFragment/XMLTools will be removed (they're deegree2 classes).

3. Datasource configuration

deegree3 tries to establish a generic datasource configuration format for configuring the access to different kinds of data. An important use case for a datasource is to provide the data for a WMS layer. It has been observed that this mapping must be 1:n, so the data for a single layer can be provided by several datasources. The following design requirements for the datasource / WMS layer configuration apply:

1. Layer lever: Possibility to select the appropriate datasource by query parameters (at the moment: BBOX/Scale) 1. Datasource level: Possibility to define a constraint on the datasource itself to make only a subset (e.g. an area) of the data available

4. Separated JAXB annotations from schemas

In order to provide clean schemas for deegree3 configuration files, it has been decided that JAXB mapping annotations should no longer be placed in the schema documents, but in separate binding files.


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