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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-07-07

Protocol by: MarkusSchneider

Attendees: MarkusSchneider, RutgerBezema, AndreasSchmitz, AndreiIonita

1. Geometry collaboration

The collaboration on the geometry subsystem has been approved by the PSC, so we're looking forward to tackling the outstanding challenges together with the guys from GeoTools, GeoServer and other interested parties. Current discussion is taking place at the OSGeo java-collab list.

2. Tool annotations

For all command line tools in deegree 3 there is a single starter (org.deegree.tools.ToolBox) which also allows to lists the available tools plus a short description. Rutger added the @Tool annotation to make this process more convenient: the toolbox now reads the description from the corresponding tool class itself.

3. CRS configuration

The CRS configuration and database tools have been cleaned up and the corresponding ant tasks have been improved by Rutger and Andrei.

4. Client stuff

Andrei is working on adapting the d2 WPVS client to work with requiring the deegree 2 library. It will be checked in into the folder webapps/wpvs-client in the d3_client module. It has been agreed that other webapp-based clients should go into the webapps folder as well.

5. OGC schemas

It seems to be a good idea to put required OGC schemas (especially GML) onto the classpath, so they don't need to be fetched over the internet, e.g. when parsing a GML application schema. Markus experimented in Bolsena with redirecting Xerces to precompiled versions of the schemas, so this should work fine and improve the speed of the parsing process drastically. Also for other schemas this will probably be very handy, e.g. for validating OGC service requests and responses. It is probably a good idea to put the schemas in a separate jar, so they don't go bloat the SVN.


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