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deegree3 developer team meeting (2009-07-28)

Protocol by: RutgerBezema

Attendees: RutgerBezema, AndreasPoth, MarkusSchneider, AndreiIonita

1. JUnit Tests

Testsuite can be used, because of the caching of the gml core schemas and the preparsing of the schemas. Current faillures should be fixed this week.

2. Geometry/Filter

Topologic operations are working both for filter and Geometry, it still lacks a unit handling.

3. WFS

A memory datastore will be implement on GML files (GMLMemoryStore)

4. Tools

Handling the output of the tools is still to be updated.

5. CRS

6. Renaming of SVN Module

commons is now called core

7. CSW

The PSC is evaluating the possibility to implement a CSW in deegree3, an alternative could be using GeoNetworks. A registry should be implemented as well.


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