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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009/09/29

Protocol by: AndreasSchmitz

Attendees: RutgerBezema, MarkusSchneider, AndreiIonita, SteffenThomas, AndreasSchmitz

1. Data stores

The implementation work regarding the data stores is postponed right now and waiting for the decision outcome from the PSC.

2. WFS

The KVP requests for the WFS are currently under development. Feature locking has been implemented and works for large numbers of features.

3. CSW

The CSW DS has been designed and will soon be implemented. The CSW protocol is currently being implemented, starting with the basic operations and capabilities output.


A WPVS bug has been fixed regarding the display of huge buildings.

5. Raster API

The raster API still has problems regarding center/outer envelopes, and thus needs corresponding cleanup. This will be done soon.

6. Derby

It has been discovered that the derby database can be vacuumed to reclaim unused space.

7. OSGeo incubation status

The current status of the OSGeo incubation for deegree can be found here.

8. WMS

WMS scale hints/constraints on layer level and on SLD/SE rule level are implemented and working. Some service level tests have been implemented in the d3 test module, the corresponding test class can be used for other services also (see org.deegree.test.services.hash).

9. Rendering

A new raster renderer class is being implemented, which can be used to render raster images based on raw raster data or on a raster style (class RasterStyling).


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