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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-10-27

Protocol by: AndreasSchmitz

Attendees: RutgerBezema, MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas, AndreasSchmitz

1. CSW

Currently progress is being made on KVP GetRecord requests. For the backend, there is now a draft version of the record store. The separation of the service from the protocol specific layer is planned to be done as much as possible.

2. Separation service/protocol

There was a discussion about how much sense this separation actually makes, and what the gains are. While for WMS and WCS the concept made already some sense and yielded better clarity and code separation, for WFS the service layer more or less just delegates to the feature stores. It was generally agreed that the policy of enforcing this separation should be reviewed or removed, so that service implementations may deviate from the scheme for better clarity.

3. WFS

The CITE Basic 1.1.0 compliance has been achieved on the memory data store. During testing, a lot of smaller changes/improvements/refinements have been made to the various subsystems (such as filter, etc.).

4. Geometries

There was a discussion about how backend specific geometry properties such as the orientation of line strings/polygon borders should be handled by deegree. The agreement was that the d3 geometry subsystem uses the ISO spec as a reference, and will/should try to fix inconsistencies when interacting with the backend. This also makes it easy for subsystems like the rendering as it can rely on these properties to be consistent across backends.

5. Nightly CITE tests

As more and more services are being made CITE compliant, the need to verify compliance automatically from time to time increases. The goal is to provide nightly CITE testing until the end of the year along with nightly builds and JUnit tests.

6. CRS

The CRS subsystem now knows about areas of use. Also, the axis order switch hack has been reworked properly. There's also a new ant target in core that can be used to show an XML representation of a queried CRS as it's stored in the DB.

7. Raster

The center/outer problem is being worked on, and is nearing completion.

8. WMS

The WMS now knows three more vendor specific parameters. ANTIALIAS, QUALITY and INTERPOLATION can be used on a per layer basis, to switch rendering behaviour on the fly.


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