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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-11-03

Protocol by: ChristianKiehle

Attendees: RutgerBezema, ChristianKiehle, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas

1. Web Feature Service

The current implementation of d3 WFS 1.1.0 is compliant to the basic test suite for Simple Features, Level 0 (sf-0=. Some issues are still to be solved to be compliant against sf-1 (custom-/complex-property types required) and sf-2.

The next step for WFS is the implementation of a PostGIS datastore. Furthermore, a tool for converting XPlanGML into relational database schemas is under development.

The code for evaluating filter expressions will be extracted from the Filter implementation to be more flexible for other filter evaluation approaches.

2. Catalogue Service

A basic API for d3 Catalogue Service has been implemented. The general architecture of CS will be outlined shortly.

3. Raster API

The Raster API has been improved. A set of integration tests for the Raster API has been implemented. Currently a strategy for caching raster data is being discussed.

4. Web Map Service

The WMS has been enhanced to include new units for rendering Symbology Encoding (SE) symbols. The WMS rendering engine has been enhanced to accept units based on pixel as well as units based on millimeter. The pixel-size is generated dynamically.


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