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deegree3 developer team meeting (2009-12-08)

Protocol by: -- RutgerBezema

Attendees: -- RutgerBezema, AndreasSchmitz, AndreiIonita, MarkusSchneider

1. WMS

The GetLegendGraphic request implementation is currently implemented, open features are still:

A new feature of deegree3 implementation of this request will be the vendor specific request parameter geometries. If the result content is html, and the parameter geometries is set to true the result will be WKT.

2. GML

All gml related parsers / exporters have now a unified aproach one reader/writer for all (currently supported) gml representations (represented by a GMLObject):

Because of the unified approach all gml handling now reside in a top level package org.deegree.gml.

3. Persistence

The WFS feature store defaults to streaming results.

4. WKT

A WKT writer is now available for geometries.

5. WFS

The WFS 1.0.0 cite compliant tests are on their way, some tests are still failing though.

6. Raster API

A first implementation of caching of rasters and reading of tile images are supported, but not really tested yet.


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