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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-02-10

Protocol by: MarkusSchneider

Attendees: RutgerBezema, LynB├╝sching, AndreiIonita, ChristianKiehle, AndreasSchmitz, SteffenThomas

1. Client module

AndreiIonita reported on some improvements to the deegree 3 client module. He integrated the SOS client written by UlrichNeumeister and made some changes to the build scripts. The client module now encompasses a WPVS and an SOS client.

2. CRS bug

Andrei also fixed a rather nasty regression in the CRS subsystem that caused transformed coordinates to have the value 0.0.

3. WMS update

AndreasSchmitz improved the SLD/SE parser to make it more robust against errors and provide more helpful error messages.

4. Buffering of service output

MarkusSchneider added a method to disable buffering to the HttpResponseWrapper that is used by the OGCFrontController and all deegree 3 service implementations. This is especially useful for large responses (e.g. GetFeature-responses of the WFS). The default policy is still to turn on buffering, as it helps to produce correct exception reports even after parts of the response are already written and to provide header information such as content-length. Additionally, the HttpResponseWrapper has been renamed to HttpResponseBuffer to better match its function.

5. CSW progress

SteffenThomas reported that the GetRecordById operation is now working as well as the GetRecord variant that validates the input. Also, he has worked on the coupling of service and data metadata, which is now working for tight coupling. Loose coupling is still in the works, however.

6. CRS

As NTV2 type transformations have to be supported for a project, RutgerBezema is updating the CRS code and the configuration providers to match this need. Performance tests done by Rutger showed that the derby-based database provider is actually slower than the XML-based provider. As the derby provider has additional downsides (increased JAR size, rather complicated change management), the TMC decided to only add the needed changes to the XML provider and rewrite the parsing using StAX. This default provider will be switched to this code in the near future. A consequence of the required changes is that the deegree 2 and deegree 3 CRS configuration files will not be identical anymore. However, Rutger proposed to provide an XSL script for creating the deegree 2 configuration file from the deegree 3 one.

Additionally, it was announced that LynB├╝sching will take over the CRS subsystem in the next months.

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