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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-05-18

Protocol by: RutgerBezema

Attendees: MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas, AndreiIonita, JohannesWilden, RutgerBezema

1. Feature Stores

2. Wiki updates

The deegree 3 wiki service documentation pages will be updated to a new 'common' layout. Up till now all deegree 3 services have three pages, the 'service' page which links to a user and a developer documentation. The new 'template' for all deegree 3 services will have one 'frontpage' containing the documentation of the old user page. The last subject on this 'frontpage', will contain a link to the service 'internals' (aka developer documentation).

A newly created 'module overview image' should illustrate the different modules (and their dependencies) in deegree 3 to new and experienced users more clearly.

3. SOS

The observation datasources of the SOS have been made plugable (with the use of the java service loading mechanisms) as well. By doing so, all currently known datasources of the deegree 3 framework are module independent and can easily be extended by external users or adapted to new requirements.

4. XSD Schema decoder (writer)

The xsd schema decoder now has support for complex and simple custom property types. As a test case for the output the geosciml schema was used, although this schema can be outputted with the deegree feature api, some minor issues still have to be enhanced for full compliance.


Because of the rewrite of the datasource api of the WPVS, it is now possible to use the deegree 3 raster api as a datasource backend for texturing dem's. The need for separate 'TextureProviders' have thus been diminished.

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