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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-07-13

Protocol by: MarkusSchneider

Attendees: AndreiIonita, ChristianKiehle, AndreasSchmitz, MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas, JohannesWilden

1. R-Tree

The insertion algorithm (based on the revised R*-tree) has been completed. The deletion operation is almost finished. When persistent storage is finished as well, this will provide deegree 3 with a very efficient and scalable spatial index.

2. WPS client

The WPS API client is currently undergoing code review and should become usable soon.

3. WFS 1.1.0 CITE Suite

The WFS 1.1.0 CITE suite used in deegree-test has been updated to the latest trunk version. The current deegree 3 snapshot passes the suite without any errors. To summarize, the following CITE suites are currently run against every nightly build (and usually pass):

4. Georeferencing viewer

Horizontal referencing is reported to be usable now (using polynomial transformation). The helmert transformation (which retains correct angles) is being worked on. The command line tool (GRViewer) now accepts several options, e.g. selecting the displayed map and the CityGML file.

5. WMS

The layer configuration now respects a queryable parameter, which switches off the GetFeatureInfo capability. This enables e.g. the possibility to group two layers with the same data source and only get the feature info once, or to hide feature information completely.

6. Trac

Experiences with Trac have been very promising so far. The move to an external and public Trac server for the deegree project is expected to happen in the near future, together with the announcement of a road map for the 3.0 release.

7. Tagged builds

Building and tagging for 3.0-pre5 using some helper scripts went well. The next tagged build (3.0-pre6) will happen this week. Please note that this is still not an officially supported pre-release -- so any changes may happen with respect to the 3.0 release.

8. Coverage API

Considerable performance enhancements have been achieved by persisting (and reloading) the tile index. Also, the reader instances are now reused, instead of being recreated for every single tile.

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