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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-08-10

Protocol by: JohannesWilden

Attendees: MarkusSchneider, ChristianKiehle, JensPabel, AndreasSchmitz, JohannesWilden

1. deegree workspace concept

The deegree core developers made it possible to load and save configurations in a workspace folder ".deegree". With this feature, you are able to set ID's for e.g. FeatureStores or JDBC connections. So it is going to be much more easy to eg. write tools or use different settings without much effort.

2. deegree log4j properties

All logging done was, until now, set in different log4j properties files in different directories, this has now been centered in one file, so it makes configuration faster.

3. Maven

Because of the unpractical packing and unpacking of war archives, we decided to replace our webapp *.wars with a *.jar and a *.zip file containing *.jsp, *.html etc. as a resourcedirectory.

4. WPS service

The final work on this is done, we will be merging everything to core soon.

5. WPS + FME

We are working on implementing more process providers to support as many processes as possible.

6. WPS + Sextante

We are working on connecting Sextante processes.

7. structure: controller and services

The controller and services are not strictly divided any more, because it does not make sense for every single use case. It is only still in use in WPS, WFS and CSW.

8. Trac

We are proud to pronounce that we decided, after weeks of intense testing, to use trac officially and in public: http://tracker.deegree.org

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