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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-08-17

Protocol by: LynB├╝sching

Attendees: AndreasSchmitz, ChristianKiehle, JohannesWilden, JensPabel, LynB├╝sching, MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas

1. deegree tracker

An issue tracker for deegree3 is available at tracker.deegree.org.Besides the new trackers for deegree-core, deegree-services and deegree-tools, links to the deegree2 and deegree project tracker can be found on the start page. More trackers, e.g. for deegree-clients will be coming soon.

2. Build Server

The deegree build server has been cleaned up. It's much faster now and it's possible to start different build processes seperatly.

3. WPS Service

The work on the ProcessProvider of the WPS is finished and the documentation is updated (deegree3/ProcessingService). The integration of Sextante is work in progress, handling with vector data is working now.

4. WPS Client

Initial work on a web based client for the WPS has started. It based on the WPS client from AndreiIonita.

5. WFS

MarkusSchneider works on the support of INSPIRE datathemes in the BLOB mode (Issue160)

6. Documentation

The documentation for the deegree3/WorkspaceConfiguration has been updated.

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