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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-08-24

Protocol by: AndreiIonita

Attendees: AndreasSchmitz, ChristianKiehle, JohannesWilden, JensPabel, MarkusSchneider, SteffenThomas, AndreiIonita

1. Services console

AndreasSchmitz updated the services console, so other projects need not depend on a .war any more. A .jar containing JSF bean classes and a .zip containing some basic JSF pages can now be easily integrated.

2. Shape feature store

By using a H2 database, the shape feature store now builds an index of the shape files that is drastically faster than the old Derby backend. Also see corresponding ticket.

3. deegree-tomcat

The new deegree-tomcat module (in the svn repository under deegree-misc/deegree-tomcat) has been created in order to deploy the web applications (demos, clients, cite-suite tests) more easily.

4. PostGIS feature store

MarkusSchneider worked on the PostGISFeatureStore which now is being initialized by just reading a JDBC connection file.

5. WPS input & output

A wiki page has been started that elaborates on WPS input and output parameters WPSParameterTypes

6. GeoReferencing tool

SteffenThomas has improved the GeoReferencing tool, so that now it adheres to the specification.

7. SOS demo

An SOS demo is being built. It may use the web client that has been already developed by UlrichNeumeister.

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