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Hash validation of service responses

This page describes the use of the hash validation tool for service testing.

1. Introduction

It is hard to test binary responses to services for correctness automatically. Imaging a map as a response to a WMS GetMap request, in different stylings. One way to work around this is to once manually verify that a given request yields the correct response, make a md5 hash of the response and then verify the md5 hash when testing automatically.

2. The tool

There is a simple tool in the test module, called the HashValidator that can be used for this purpose. The command line usage works like this:

`java -cp ... org.deegree.test.services.hash.HashValidator http://localhost:8080/myservice/services the/dir/with/the/files/as/explained/below/ and/possibly/more/of/these/`

The validator sends request to the service for all files in the given directory (non-recursively) as follows:


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