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deegree3 Raster Rendering Implementation Status


This page describes the implementation status of individual raster rendering items. Please also see the rd-r* items from the deegree3 RenderingRequirements page.

rd-r01: Geometry

Is not a rendering requirement, and its meaning is not strictly defined. Not implemented at all.

rd-r02: Opacity

Full support for the Opacity parameter.

rd-r03: Channel Selection

Fully supported.

rd-r04: OverlapBehaviour

Delayed because current raster API does not allow working with multiple layers.

rd-r05: ColorMap

ColorMap is fully implemented. Interpolate and Categorize functions can be applied to rasters, with all their options.

rd-r06: ContrastEnhancement

Contrast Enhancements are fully implemented. They can be applied to channels in isolation, when selecting which channels of the input raster are to be used for output, or they can be applied at once to all channels of the output raster, just before rendering.

rd-r07: ShadedRelief

Hill shading works only for the current raster layer. Parameter brightnessOnly is ignored at the moment (and treated as if its value is false).

Once the raster API supports working with multiple raster layers, the value of brightnessOnly should be taken into account and the implementation updated.

rd-r08: ImageOutline

Fully implemented.


2018-04-20 12:05