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Service Management Console (Planning)

This page gathers ideas for bringing a web-based management console to the deegree 3 services.

1. Functionality

The console should offer the following functionality in the end:

  1. Provide an informational page that displays details on the installed deegree version and services.
  2. Provide detail information for individual services, e.g. processes registered in the WPS and their current execution status/statistics.
  3. Integrate an (improved) version of the generic client that allows to send KVP/XML requests to the services.
  4. Offer configuration possibilities for the services, e.g. shutdown/startup of WFS/WMS/WPS/..., adding/removing of processes in the WPS, adding/removing of layers in the WMS, adding/removing of datasources.

Obviously, topic 4. is the most involved and requires the most work (and an authentication system). We should target the first 3 topics first.

2. General information

3. WPS specific section

At a minimum, WPS will provide the following functionality via the web-based management console:

  1. A list of processes and basic status information about those processes. Both asynchronous and synchronous will available for query.
    • Status of the process (e.g. ACCEPTED, STARTED, FAILED, etc.)
    • Progress information
    • Process start time, end time, duration
    • Process failed message (if applicable)
    • Link to the GetResponseDocument results.

At first this information will be accessible via a simple JSP page for the webapp. In the future KVP/XML calls may be added, but that will require authentication that is not currently in place.

3.1. Code Changes

  1. Each time the ExecutionManager launches a process the ProcessletExecution will be added to a list of executed processes. The ExecutionManager will expose methods for retrieving all processes, all running processes, etc.

  2. The WPSController will call the appropriate ExecutionManager methods for retrieving a list of ProcessletExecutions.

  3. A new method, OGCFrontController#getServiceController(WPSController.class), will be created for acquiring the WPSController in the JSP file.
  4. A new JSP file, services/resources/client-template/client/processList.jsp, will be created to provide a simple example listing the status of all processes.
  5. Additional tests will be added to WPSControllerTest.

4. SOS specific section

5. WPVS specific section

6. WFS specific section

7. WMS specific section

8. SOS specific section

9. Technical issues


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