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deegree3 Testing Interface

Having a user-friendly testing tool for the deegree3 services makes it easy for one to experiment with the newly developed features. In the following the particular features for testing each service is presented, together with lists of ideas for improvement.


  1. WPVS
  2. WMS


As noted in the developer meeting from June 2, the WPVS is testable with the following parameters:

Further, a list of the getView parameters should be provided for flexibility. The user would have the possibility to specify some values while leaving the others to be generated arbitrarily.

A progress bar would be also desired, realized by pooling the servlet controller.

2. WMS

Currently WMS testing is not functional. Still - in the future - an option for testing with the Bounding Box moving throughout the map would be nice to have. Implementation-wise, processing is desired to be handled by Javascript. A helpful resource for Javascript is extjs.


2018-04-20 12:05