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User profiles for deegree webservices handbook

Meant to collect the different target groups and how they may be approaching deegree webservices and using the deegree webservices handbook. This concept is well-kown under the term of Personas (Alan Cooper: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, chap. 9. Macmillan 1999). To identify the usability requirements this method is used to gather information about a user of a software or software documentation.

1. Jon the INSPIRE decision maker

More info required

2. Boris the INSPIRE implementer

More info required

3. Sam the Geography student

Sam studies Geography in college and has an introductory course on GIS. He knows a bit about computers, but nothing about Java and only recently heard about OGC services. He has been asked to research on the different OpenSource implementations of WMS and WFS. He finds the deegree webservices handbook and manages to get deegree 3 webservices running by following the installation chapter. By following the next chapter, he learns how to to login to the services console and to activate the Utah workspace. Now he got a WMS running and can see the layers in the integrated OpenLayers client. There's still a lot he doesn't understand, but the learning trails found in the Utah workspace section tell him what to read next, so he manages to change some render styles. Afterwards, he reads chapter 4 to dive into the details of the configuration concepts.

4. Lisa the Java EE expert

Lisa is a Java EE expert, but doesn't know a lot about GIS or OGC services. Getting deegree 3 webservices running is very easy for her, but the OGC terminology (WMS, WFS, CSW, WPS, ...) is confusing her a lot. By following the "Once over lightly chapter", she takes a look a the different pre-configured workspaces and is able to see every service in action and gets a rough idea how to access and use them. She finds out that she really needs a WMS and a CSW and follows the appropriate learning trails to understand how to adapt the example workspace configurations to her needs.


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