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CRS configuration

1. Basics

TBD ...

2. Schema location

The schemas for defining deegree 3 crs definitions may be found at http://schemas.deegree.org/crs/stores. It is mandatory to refer to a specific version of the schema, as the schema may change over time.

3. Configuration details

Current Version crsdefinition: deegree/3.1.0/deegree.xsd

TBD: detailed description

The workspace will require a 'crs' directory.

Put a file into it declaring a CRS store. To configure a deegree CRS store use an example as (name it e.g. enforce_y_x.xml which will be the id of the crs store):

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<DeegreeCRSStore xmlns="http://www.deegree.org/crs/stores/deegree" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
  xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.deegree.org/crs http://schemas.deegree.org/crs/stores/deegree/3.1.0/deegree.xsd">
  <!-- [1] -->

as you can see a configuration file is being referenced here. If you want to use the deegree CRS store copy the configuration directory below 'crs'.

You can retrieve the default configuration e.g. by checking it out from the code repository

svn checkout https://svn.wald.intevation.org/svn/deegree/deegree3/trunk/deegree-core/deegree-core-cs/src/main/resources/org/deegree/cs/persistence/

Copying the contained 'deegree' directory an all sub dirs to your 'crs' directory within workspace will let you modify the crs definition. (Add missing CRSes, change default behaviour (x,y order), adapt parameters to your needs, ...)

4. Further workspace configuration

For other parts of the workspace configuration please consult the following pages:

CategoryDeegree3 CategoryWorkspaceConfiguration

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