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Remote OGC web service store configuration (workspace/datasources/remoteows)

Basic ideas on the configuration concept for all types of datasources and datastores are described in the deegree3/DatastoreConfigurationConcepts.

The concept of remote OWS stores is available since deegree 3.1.

1. Basics

2. Schema location

The schemas for defining deegree 3 feature store data sources may be found at http://schemas.deegree.org/datasource/remoteows/. It is mandatory to always refer to a specific version of the schemas, as the schema may change over time.

3. Configuration details

3.1. Remote WMS stores

A <Remote WMS store> provides access to WMS layers, with some preconfigured parameters.

Current version remote WMS: 3.1.0 (valid since 2011-01-05)

Please note that currently only WMS version 1.1.1 is supported.

3.2. Configuration parameters

The request options may have the following optional subelements:

Please note that if no request options have been set for specific layers, all layers can be requested at once, which is obviously a lot more efficient than requesting all layers separately.

3.3. Configuration example

Here's an example snippet, specifying three layers with options (let's say config file name is 'd3_testing.xml':

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<RemoteWMSStore xmlns="http://www.deegree.org/datasource/remoteows/wms" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"

  xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.deegree.org/datasource/remoteows/wms http://schemas.deegree.org/datasource/remoteows/wms/3.1.0/remotewms.xsd"



    location="http://deegree3-testing.deegree.org/deegree-utah-demo/services?request=GetCapabilities&amp;service=WMS&amp;version=1.1.1" />




      <ImageFormat transparent="false">image/png</ImageFormat>

      <DefaultCRS useAlways="true">EPSG:4326</DefaultCRS>






      <DefaultCRS useAlways="true">EPSG:26912</DefaultCRS>

      <Parameter use="allowOverride" scope="GetMap" name="styles">colorful</Parameter>







3.4. Integration into WMS (example)

Please find a detailed documentation on the WMS configuration in wms layer configuration section.

Just a short example:

Please edit your WMS configuration to add the layer to the WMS layer tree (deegree console -> web services ). Example snippet:






4. Further information

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