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deegree 3D

deegree 3D is a complete open source software solution for 3D geospatial information processing. It is based on geospatial information standards and includes data management, access and portrayal components for 3D building, city and terrain models, their corresponding textures – and combinations of these. The included OGC web services allow for flexible spatial data infrastructure integration.


Existing 3D models can be imported from CityGML and VRML data files. An export option for CityGML files exists.

Data management: An optimized combination of PostGIS and file system storage allows for flexible 3D object models and fast data access.

For data access the integrated OGC Web Services can be used (see “Architecture” section).

Data display is based on the deegree terrainService. It provides an lightweight web-based interface for rendering of 3D still images and a desktop-based interactive “fly-through” viewer. The web-based interface allows for easy integration of 3D perspective view images into web pages and geospatial portal applications.

The following example image includes all available rendering options, as there are:


In the following illustration the different scene components are shown in various combinations:



deegree 3D consists of the following components:

The following illustration gives an overview of component interaction and data flow:


The internal object model is designed to support generic CityGML representation and an optimized data structure for fast rendering. The adaptive multi-resolution terrain model calculates terrain resolution according to the user's current point of view and perspective. The following illustration gives a simplified overview of the model.


A WorldObject is a representation of a 3D object (e.g. building from VRML or CityGML). It has application-specific properties and references up to 6 quality models, each having its validity range. Each quality model has one or more geometries or reference to a prototype. Each geometry may have one reference to a texture. A texture provides an image to be draped on the respective geometry. A prototype is a special WorldObject with only one quality model.

System specifications

* Until respective deegree 3-based services are available.

Please check the deegree3/SystemRequirements for more technical details.


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