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deegree3 design goals and requirements

This page collects general requirements and considerations that are relevant for the development of deegree3. Most of them are derived from shortcomings that have been observed in deegree2.

1. Improve configuration of OGC web services

The configuration process for deegree2 web services has widely been perceived as complicated, confusing and error-prone. This MUST change with deegree3. The concepts to achieve this are described on the OGC web service configuration page.

2. Support multiple versions of OGC protocols/standards

3. Processing of huge XML files

4. Speedup of map rendering

5. Improved support for complex application schemas

6. SOAP support

7. Other considerations

we are working on a deegree3/WishList

8. Support for ROA / REST

"Within the OGC Technical Committee, ROA and the idea of RESTful Web services are being heavily discussed as a service paradigm that may be applied additionally or alternatively to the current style of OGC Web services."


2018-04-20 12:05