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deegree community space 2012

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What is the (intention of) deegree community space?

deegree community space is an event dedicated to the community of the deegree initiative. Communication is the most important aspect here, while information is the second. The event name deegree community space shall support this intention - both by explicitly naming the community and by approaching the open space concept. The project steering committee hosts this event supported by the technical management committee. We see this as a major opportunity to make deegree a better community initiative.

Report from the 2012 event

Please note that this section is still work in progress. Currently the review by the event's participants is going on.

The first edition of this event took place in Bonn, 13 October 2012, with 25 participants. Participants came from the Netherlands and Germany, mostly representing companies but also academia, the public sector and the OGC.


deegree community space 2012: Agenda setup

After a short welcome and introductory note from Klaus Greve (Bonn University), Herman Assink lead the agenda setup where everybody had the opportunity to present her or his potential contribution within one minute. Then, all participants voted for their favourite contribution proposals (3 votes per participant):


deegree community space 2012: Voting result, proposal cards already ordered by number of votes

The number of votes determined the order of the contributions. Because of the special character of the "Vision" contribution, this was split up into two parts. Later on, it was decided unanimously to leave out "OGC", "deegree 3 intro" and "Stable Config & API". The resulting agenda was:

The underlying idea of the voting and the chronological ordering of the contributions was that the most "important" contributions may also use more time than the less important ones. But luckily it was possible to cover the complete list of contributions within the forseen time frame. There was enough time for discussion within or after the presentations. The discussion results are summarized below:


Some more pictures of the event:








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