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deegree3 developer team meeting (2009-05-12)

Protocol by: MarkusSchneider

Attendees: RutgerBezema, AndreasSchmitz, AndreiIonita, HankoRubach, JensFitzke, MarkusSchneider

1. WMS

AndreasSchmitz reported on progress on the WMS:


RutgerBezema and MarkusSchneider reported on the status of the WPVS:

3. Proxy configuration

One of the technical requirements in deegree3 is that all outgoing network connections must respect proxy settings. Several aspects of this were discussed, the results are summarized on the proxy configuration page.

4. JDBC connections

As the WPVS (and its configuration) approaches a first release, the need for the configuration of database connections has become current. Generally, JDBC connections should be configured at a single place and be given an identifier. Configuration files (such as the WPVS configuration) that require JDBC connections then reference the global connections using the identifier. The benefit of this is that it becomes much easier to adapt a setup of deegree services to a new environment (e.g for rollout).

5. deegree Wiki

JensFitzke noted that the subsystems page should be updated for the upcoming deegree day.


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