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deegree3 developer team meeting 2010-12-09

Protocol by: ChristianKiehle

Attendees: MarkusSchneider, ChristianKiehle, JohannesWilden, AndreasSchmitz

1. Maven

To ease development and get deegree-based software development projects up-and-running quickly, AndreasSchmitz has created four Project Object Model (POM) projects for Maven:

  1. deegree-parent: including Java 6 compile-target and UTF-8 encoding, used for simple jar projects

  2. deegree-service-parent: based on deegree-parent, depending on deegree-services and automatically extracting the deegree 3 services console into src/main/webapp

  3. deegree-tomcat-parent: based on deegree-service-parent, adding a dependency to deegree-tomcat and extracting it in the target directory
  4. deegree-test-parent: based on deegree-service-parent, adding capabilities to test services using integration tests (automatic starting and stopping tomcat before/after the integration-test phase)

2. deegree 3.1 - Fahrenheit

For the new deegree 3.1 release Fahrenheit (to be published in March 2011) the subsequently listed features will be available.

2.1. Remote OWS Support

deegree 3.1 will provide another data store (based on an implementation of the service provider interface) for remote OWS. A remote OWS feature store is an abstraction layer for remote OGC webservices, like Web Map Service or Web Coverage Service. This data store adds functionality to ease implementation of cascading services.

2.2. Improved support for complex GML application schemas

MarkusSchneider significantly improved the handling of complex GML application schemas with special regards to forward-references within response documents. This improvement solves issues with the TraverseXLink-Depth option of the deegree 3 featureService without breaking the streaming paradigm.

2.3. Simplification of download artefacts

It is planned that deegree 3.1 will consist of one download only, integrating different workspaces for INSPIRE, WPS, Utah, etc. This approach allows an even easier integration of pre-packaged demo-applications by donwloading workspaces. It will reduce complexity for users of deegree demos.

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