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The deegree2 OGC Web Service (OWS) implementation

1. building & deploying

In order to install and run a deegree2 OGC Web Service (OWS), you must do the following:

a. Download and Install a Java Development Kit

b. Download and install the nightly build deegree2 binary distribution.

2. Getting deegree2 Source Distribution

Get the latest source code from the SVN repository:

anonymous (only read access)

svn checkout https://svn.wald.intevation.org/svn/deegree/base/trunk/

developers (write access)

svn checkout svn+ssh://developername[AT]svn.wald.intevation.org/deegree/base/trunk/

or download the latest source distribution of deegree from the project's download page. Access to other resources (for iGeoPortal, documentation, ...) can be viewd at http://wald.intevation.org/scm/?group_id=27.

There is also a nice description for deegree SVN and Eclipse, if you prefer the gui over the command line.

3. Compiling deegree2

In order to compile deegree2 the Apache Ant tool is required.
deegree2.0 requires at least Java2 SDK 1.4. (outdated)
deegree2.2 requires Java2 SDK 1.5. (current - June 2009). Also check deegreeCompatibility.

1. As long as there is no configure script apply your local setting to the build.properties file.

Verify settings by calling:

>ant env

2. Get Ant project help to see all available targets:

>ant -p

3. Compile deegree source files:

>ant compile

and build JAR archive with:

>ant build-lib

4. To verify the build, call:

>ant test

to run the JUnit test suite.

4. Running deegree2 web services

A. deegree2 Web Feature Server (WFS 1.1.0):

  1. Set the local settings in build.properties file as described in step "Compile deegree 2.0".
  2. Create a web application in exploded format in a directory which is deployed by the application server automatically.
    • The root directory is $WEBAPP_HOME.
  3. Start the application server.
  4. call ant build file in $DEEGREE_HOME
    •   >ant deploy
  5. Verify if deegree 2.0 WFS services are running by opening the page

B. deegree2 Catalog Service for Web (CSW 2.0.0):

C. deegree2 Web Coverage Service (WCS):

D. deegree2 Web Map Service (WMS):

Migration from deegree 1.x WFS 1.0.0 to deegree2 WFS 1.1.0

5. Supported Plattforms

deegree2.2 was tested on the following plattforms:

add more, if you have a different system running

deegree2.0 was tested on the following plattforms:

6. Known Issues and Bugs in deegree2.0

This information is outdated, as it covers the deegree version 2.0. The current stable version (since December 2008) is deegree v2.2.


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