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{i} 2010-11-16: The roadmap of deegree 3 has been updated. Have a look at the upcoming features here > deegree3/Roadmap.

{i} 2010-11-16: The first official release of deegree 3.0 "Celsius" is out > DownloadPage.

{i} 2010-08-30: Meet up with MarkusSchneider at this year's FOSS4G.

{i} 2010-08-18: New issue trackers for deegree 3 (core, services, tools) are available at http://tracker.deegree.org.

{i} 2010-04-21: Follow deegree on Twitter: http://twitter.com/deegree_org

{i} 2010-02-24: Meeting minutes from the deegree PSC can be found on the PscMeeting page.

{i} 2010-02-04: deegree graduated from OSGeo incubation.

{i} 2009-08-04: HowToContribute has a collection of those wiki pages that could do with an update. So if you feel like a little community work, see if you can help us out. Cheers

{i} 2009-06-25: Updates for deegree's OSGeo incubation process: OSGeoIncubation, OSGeoIncubationCodeProvenanceReviewReport, StructuresAndProcedures, deegreeCommitterGuidelines

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