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Structures and Procedures of the deegree project

This wiki page describes organisational structures and procedures of deegree.

1. Overview

Within the deegree project the following kinds of contribution are recognized:

The remainder of this document contains more detailed information about these groups or structural entities.

2. Users

Users are individuals or institutions who download, install and use deegree components.

Their main contribution to the community is testing and evaluation of new releases, features, and documentation. Users provide feedback by using the deegree-users mailing list, which might also imply requests for new features or enhancements. Further more, they are the main group to develop and enhance the documentation and participate in any outreach activities to make deegree better known in the geospatial information community and beyond.

3. Developers

Developers are individuals or institutions who are able to apply changes to the deegree source code.

Their software engineering point of view focusses on technical aspects of the deegree software. A developer's contribution to the deegree community may constist of testing and evaluation of new releases of features on a technical level, i.e. source code or software design perspective. They may contribute bug fixes or newly developped features to the community, make announcements about their work on the deegree-devel or deegree-users mailing lists and may actively participate in technical discussions.

4. Committers

Committers are individuals from the Users or Developers groups who are allowed to commit artefacts to the deegree code repository, where Users typically contribute to documentation or configuration and Developers commit source code.

Commit rights are granted upon request by the PSC. Individuals who already have contributed significant resources to the project may apply for commit rights. The prior commitment is usually shown by regularly submitting code that conforms to the current deegree developer guide and by involvement into the discussions at the developer and user list.

More information can be found in the deegree committer guidelines. [JF: To be aligned with this document! Review needed!]

Any individual that has been approved by the PSC with commit rights to the deegree SVN should have a look at detailed technical description of how to get commit access to SVN. This page describes how to set up a committer account and gives hints on further steps.

5. Technical Management Committee

The Technical Management Committee is a small group of individuals who are responsible for all technical aspects of project management.

Responsibilities of the TMC include:

Membership: TMC members are nominated by the PSC. TMC members are:

Contact: You may contact the TMC via email: <tmc AT SPAMFREE deegree DOT org>. There is also an issue tracker for the TMC, for the technical side of deegree.

6. Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee is a small group of individuals who are responsible for all organisational and strategic aspects of project management. The PSC decides about the major directions of the deegree project, the dates and content of major releases and who the project developers are. All decisions made by the PSC are either made in consensus or based on a single majority. The PSC communicates via E-Mail, IRC (#deegree) and usually meets once a year in person.

Current PSC Members are:

Contact: You may contact the PSC via email: <psc AT SPAMFREE deegree DOT org>. There is also an issue tracker for the PSC, for the organisational side of the deegree project.

Responsibilities of the PSC include:

Membership: The PSC is made up of individuals consisting of Committers and prominent members of the deegree user community. There is no set number of members for the PSC although the initial desire is to set the membership at a maximum of 10.

Adding Members: Any member of the deegree-devel mailing list may nominate someone for committee membership at any time. Only existing PSC committee members may vote on new members. Nominees must receive a majority vote from existing members to be added to the PSC.

Stepping Down: If for any reason a PSC member is not able to fully participate then they certainly are free to step down. If a member is not active (e.g. no voting, no email participation) for a period of two months then the committee reserves the right to seek nominations to fill that position. Should that person become active again (hey, it happens) then they would certainly be welcome, but would require a nomination.

Meetings: Meeting minutes may be found on the PscMeeting page.

7. Access to technical infrastructure components

The technical infrastructure of the deegree initiative is described in Infrastructure.

If a member of the initiative needs access to one of the infrastructure components, the PSC decides upon tracker request and updates the respective list in Infrastructure.

8. Credits

The Mapserver Technical Steering Committee Guidelines were used as a blueprint for this page. Thanks to Frank and Steve for this very valuable input!

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