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1. Artifact server

All public repositories have been grouped into http://repo.deegree.org/content/groups/public.

NOTE: We have migrated our old artifact server from Artifactory to Nexus. The old Artifactory server has been shut down. All requests towards http://artefacts.deegree.org/ will be redirected to the new repository (HTTP 301 status code). All release artifacts have been moved to the new repository, and the trunk/branch pom.xmls have been updated with the new repository information. All users of the repositories are advised to switch to the new repository. If you encounter a problem with the new repository or an artefact is missing, please report this to the deegree-users mailing list.

Keep in mind that even if you use one of our parents, you'll still need to define a repository snippet in your pom, eg.:


A private repository has been created as well, containing libraries that may not be redistributed. Use it like this:


Passwords and usernames are available upon request.

2. SCM

We have moved our source code to GitHub. Please have a look on our GithubMigrationRoadmap for further details. Here's a list of the most important entry points:

Apart from that, people that have used a svn checkout in the past can now just git clone git@github.com:deegree/deegree3.git or git clone https://github.com/deegree/deegree3.git instead. Switch to another branch using git checkout -b 3.2-pre11 origin/3.2-pre11, back to master using git checkout master.

2.1. Handling of pull requests

This is described in the GitHub wiki

3. Buildserver

We recently moved from Hudson CI to Jenkins CI. And the host name of our build server was changed as well. Please visit http://buildserver.deegree.org/ to the see the current status of all build jobs.

4. Web server and Wiki

The Web server (http://deegree.org) is running Drupal. This Wiki here is based on MoinMoin.

5. Access to infrastructure components

Information about project members and their access to specific infrastructure components is listed below:


Information about how to get access to infrastructure components is available in StructuresAndProcedures.


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