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1. General Information

First of all, please make sure to read the chapter on General Information for all deegreeTools.

2. Description

This program imports an ESRI shapefile into a none geospatial database like MS SQLServer to be used with deegree WFS.

In several cases it is required or useful to manage geospatial data with a OGC WFS set up on a database even if the available database does not offer native support for storing geospatial data. In such cases deegree WFS with GenericSQLDatastore can be used (see deegree WFS documentation for details). To simplify handling of GenericSQLDatastore ESRI shapefile can be imported directly into the underlying database schema using GenericSQLShapeImporter.

3. Library Dependancies

Please be sure to place these libraries in the same folder as the deegree2.jar.
The ms*.jar libraries are not in the deegree SVN as redistribution is not allowed. They are part of your MS SQLServer and may be copied from there.

4. Usage

The program will be invoked as follows:

The program receives following commandline parameter:











-h or -?

5. Examples

none at the moment

look for other deegreeTools


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