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1. General Information

The tools described on this page are mostly command line based tools for deegree2.
If you are interested in the GUI based deegree configuration tool, please go to the ConfigTool page.

1.1. Command Line Structure

Certain aspects of usage are the same for all deegree command line tools.

The overall command line call is something like this:


-cp list-of-libraries



1.2. Preparations

  1. Create a working folder for your deegree tools (for example: "/home/deegree/tools/")
  2. Download the nightly deegree2.jar and put it into this working folder.

  3. Download all necessary libraries (e.g. *.jar files) and put them into your working folder (but no subfolders please!)

    You can get the libraries from the lib folder in the deegree SVN

If you are running the deegree command line tools with a deegree2.jar that was built by using ant (as the nightly build), it is not necessary to list all the libraries, as they are referenced by the deegree2.jar itself. This will reduce the size of the command drastically.

Of course you can also compile the sources yourself and create a deegree2.jar by calling ant build-lib. Please refer to the Deployment page for details.

2. DataStoreTools

Tools for setting up WFS datastores.

3. RasterTools

4. ShapeTools

5. WMSTools

6. SecurityTools

7. 3DTools

/!\ following tools are more or less work in progress; so do not expect everything will work as expected

8. CRSTools

Tools and utility classes for easy accessing the crs api:


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