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1. General Information

First of all, please make sure to read the chapter on General Information for all deegreeTools.

2. Description

This class converts geodata and special values from a simple text file format to a .tiff image. The values are written as 32 bit float values.

3. Library Dependancies

4. Usage

The program will be invoked as follows:

java -Xms500m -Xmx1200m -classpath .;libs/deegree2.jar org.deegree.tools.raster.Text2Tiff
-r 1 -h -c 3  D:\deegree\data\myInput.xyz D:\deegree\data\myOutput

command line parameters shall be used as follows:

--help, -help

--read-header, +h | --no-read-header, -h

--column-number n, -c n

--column-name n, -cn n

--oracle, -o

--image-type n

--image-width n | --image-height n

--offset n

--resolution n, -r n

--interpolate, i

--interpolate-power n

--interpolate-min-data n

--interpolate-max-data n

--interpolate-no-value n

--interpolate-radius-x n

--interpolate-radius-y n

--interpolate-radius-increase-x n

--interpolate-radius-increase-y n

--interpolate-ignore-range min max


You may also be interested the SimpleText2Tiff tool.

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