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1. General Information

First of all, please make sure to read the chapter on General Information for all deegreeTools.

2. Description

This tool enables a user to update a subset of an already existing deegree raster pyramid. So it will not be necessary to recreate a complete pyramid that may exceed XX GB of data just for updating a small area.

3. Library Dependancies

4. Usage

The programm will be invoked as follows:

java -Xms300m -Xmx1000m -classpath .;lib/deegree2.jar org.deegree.tools.raster.RasterTreeUpdater
-wcs D:\deegree\wcs_utah_configuration.xml -verbose -mapFiles D:\deegree\test_update.jpg

Explanation for the command line parameters:

-wcs <URL/filename>

-name <name>


-interpolation <name>

-depth <n>

-quality <n>

-mapFiles <file1,file2...fileN>

-worldFileType <type>

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