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1. General Information

First of all, please make sure to read the chapter on General Information for all deegreeTools.

2. Description

The tool generates a deegree 2 WMS configuration from a MapServer map file. It is currently only capable of generating data sources based on Oracle Spatial, LOCALWCS and remote WMS. LOCALWCS layers (based on TYPE RASTER layers from the map file) are named "RasterLayer" to avoid loading non-functional layers.

3. Library Dependancies

4. Usage

Provided you have a deegree2.jar built by ant (such as the nightly build), you can run it like this:

The program receives following commandline parameter:

This call will generate a wms_configuration.xml in the current directory. A style reference is created for each oracle layer, referencing styles/<layername>.sld, so you'll have to make sure a proper SLD lies at this place. If you specify the -f parameter, instead of SQL data sources the tool will generate feature type data sources (based on a feature type called app:[tablename]).

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