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deegree TMC meeting (2013-07-02)

Attendees: ReijerCopier, TorstenFriebe, MarkusSchneider, JohannesWilden

1. Agenda

2. deegree3 pulls (3.3.2)

3. deegree3 pulls (3.4.0-pre3)

4. Discussion on non-minor feature enhancements

During discussion of pull request #135, it showed that a clearer distinction between "normal pulls" and "feature requests" is desirable. According to our http://tracker.deegree.org/deegree-services/wiki/FeatureRequestGuidelines, additions of "major" new features should be preceded by a tracker ticket and a TMC decision on the feature. Benefits of this are better traceability and visibility of new features. More discussion on this is required.

5. OSGeo-Live tasks

Official schedule:

Important tasks for us:

6. Publish deegree JavaDoc

7. WMS shootout tasks

A meeting between everybody who wants to help out needs to be scheduled. Currently: ReijerCopier, AndreasSchmitz and MarkusSchneider.

8. Mail from website team

The website team needs the required accounts (or a move to a new system) in order to start working. PSC obviously needs to be pushed some more, a new email should be sent.

9. Exception handling in deegree

deegree sometimes swallows exceptions and doesn't follow consistent practices for exception handling. A best practice guideline for this is desirable.

10. IRC log



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