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deeJUMP Plugin for OpenJUMP

1. Introduction

If you want OpenJUMP with deeJUMP functionality, you need to add both the WFSPlugin and this deeJUMP Plugin.

2. deeJUMP Plugin

The deeJUMPPlugin can be accessed from the svn repository of OpenJUMP. The svn URL of the trunk is https://jump-pilot.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jump-pilot/plug-ins/deeJUMP/trunk/. You can download a release (see below) or versions included in the OpenJumpPackages.

To install the plugin, you can also copy it into the lib/ext folder of your OpenJUMP installation.

The functionality of the deeJUMP Plugin may be integrated into OpenJUMP sooner or later (when time allows). Problems with the plugin and missing deeJUMP-Features can be reported directly to Andreas Schmitz <schmitz AT SPAMFREE lat-lon DOT de> or the deegree mailing list <deegree-users AT SPAMFREE lists DOT sourceforge DOT net>.

The following libraries are necessary to use the deeJUMPPlugin:

3. Releases

3.1. 1.0.0

(version number was chosen arbitrarily). It can be downloaded from here. Features include:

3.2. 1.1.0 (unreleased)

New features:

4. Note on additional libraries

You need to get some additional libraries as described above. In order to install these, it is usually sufficient to put them in the lib/ext directory along with the plugin .jars. Linux users can also put them in the lib directory. Windows users that use the new startup script can put them there as well. Just take care that the .jars containing the actual plugins are put in the extension library.


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