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deegree desktop

deegree desktop is a desktop GIS application of the deegree project. It is based on established deegree technology and modular by design to allow for flexible and use-case dependant configuration, standards-based SDI integration and integration with other third party desktop components.

deegree desktop

1. Download and Install

deegree desktop may be downloaded for Windows or Linux systems.
It will soon be available from http://deegree.org. From the menu bar choose "Download". There you will find an entry for deegree desktop with the most recent version of the application for both Windows and Linux systems.

1.1. Windows Installation

For Windows systems you should download a file called deegreeDesktop-0.4.8-pre4-Setup.exe.

Execute the downloaded file. An installation manager will guide you through the setup and assist you with the installation.

After successful installation you are now able to start the application. Depending on your choices during the installation process you may start deegree desktop with a desktop-icon, an entry in your startmenu or directly by executing the file deegreeDesktop.exe.

1.2. Linux Installation

For Linux systems you should download a file called deegreeDesktop-0.4.8-pre4-Linux-x86-Install.

Unpack the archive

tar -zxvf deegreeDesktop-*

Start the application


2. Features of deegree desktop

Some general features:

Selected improvements and new features for version 0.4.8:

3. Documentation

Currently the documentation for deegree desktop is avaliable in German only. The documentation offers a more general overview, while the tutorial gives a step-by-step introduction to the main functionalities of deegree desktop.

deegree desktop documentation
deegree desktop tutorial

Both documents are constantly being revised, so look out for updates once in a while.

4. Development

Adding features to deegree desktop is possible by adding new modules to the application. An introduction on this topic is given with HowToWriteNewModulesForIGeoDesktop. To integrate deegree desktop into eclipse read this article about EclipseIntegration


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